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Community programmes

I Can Fly Programme

Cathay Pacific pilots and employee volunteers lead the I Can Fly members through a series of aviation and social service activities during the programme period. The young members are given the chance to visit various aviation facilities, go through aviation-related training, participate in team-building activities, and design and implement their own social service programmes for community groups.

For more details about the programme, visit the programme's webpage

World As One

We believe that travel has the power to completely transform one’s outlook and promote a greater understanding of the challenges faced by communities all over the world. This is the philosophy behind Cathay Pacific’s newest community engagement programme – World As One.

In the inaugural “World As One” programme, we organised a thought-provoking journey for a diverse group of young Hong Kong people. Comprising youngsters who had travelled a lot, some never travelled before, representatives from our city’s ethnic minorities and also those who have successfully battled drug addiction, the group travelled to Cambodia where they undertook inspiring volunteer work.

For more details about the programme, visit the programme's webpage

Cathay Hackathon

The Cathay Pacific 24-hour Hackathon is an annual event where a select group of applicants will be given 24 hours to develop an innovative technology solution for travellers. It provides a platform for students and experts who share the same passion for tech and travel to collaborate and materialise their ideas. Participants will have a chance to pitch their solutions to influential industry professionals and win amazing awards such as a trip to leading tech companies in the world.

For more details about the programme, visit