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1. What are the recent changes to the Marco Polo Club?

2. What happened to the club miles and club sectors I earned before the change?

3. What are club points and how do I earn them?

4. What is the difference between club points and Asia Miles?

5. How do fare classes affect club points, and where can I find out the fare class of the ticket I purchased?

6. Can I earn club points when flying with oneworld alliance airlines?

7. Can I earn club points for flights taken prior to my Marco Polo Club enrolment date?

8. Can I earn club points on Bookable Upgrades?

9. Can I earn club points on redemption or award tickets?

10. Why have my club points been reset to zero?

11. How do I claim missing club points and/or Asia Miles?

12. What are the benefits of joining the Marco Polo Club?

13. What are mid-tier benefits?

14. How do I claim my mid-tier benefits?

15. As a Silver, Gold or Diamond member, will I receive mid-tier benefits below my tier? For example, will Diamond members be able to enjoy Bookable Upgrades when they reach 800 club points?

16. What are the changes to lounge access for Diamond members?

17. What is a Guaranteed Seat Reservation?

18. Who can join the Marco Polo Club?

19. What is the membership period and how do I find out mine?

20. What is the enrolment fee to join the Marco Polo Club?

21. Are there exceptions to paying the enrolment fee?

22. As a Green member, what if I’m not able to earn 100 club points during my membership year?

23. What if I’ve forgotten my password, membership number and/or username?

24. What should I do if I lose my Marco Polo Club membership card?

25. How can I change the name on my Marco Polo Club account?

26. How do I update my membership details?

27. Where can I find the latest exclusive club offers?

28. What is the difference between a Registered Account, Marco Polo Club membership, and Asia Miles membership?

29. If I am a member of Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles, do I need to create a Registered Account?

30. If I have a Registered Account, can I upgrade my account to become a Marco Polo Club member or Asia Miles member?

31. As an Asia Miles member, can I log on to cathaypacific.com or dragonair.com?

32. What is Asia Miles and how do I benefit from joining?

33. How do I join Asia Miles?

34. How do I earn Asia Miles?

35. When will I receive my Asia Miles membership card?

36. Can I share Asia Miles with my family?

37. How can I redeem Asia Miles?

38. Are there any Marco Polo Club membership benefits for Priority Redemption for Discount Flight Awards?

39. How do I claim missing non-airline Asia Miles?

40. When will my Asia Miles expire?

41. How is my privacy protected?

42. What information do you collect and how do you use it?

43. Does the Marco Polo Club share my data with third parties for marketing promotions, etc.?

44. I don’t want the Marco Polo Club to share my personal information with anyone – how can I ensure this?

45. I just applied for a Cathay Pacific co-branded credit card. Am I automatically enrolled in the Marco Polo Club?

46. Can the American Express® Cathay Pacific Credit Card or any other Cathay Pacific co-branded credit card be used in place of my Marco Polo Club membership card?