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Sân bay quốc tế Đào Viên Đài Loan

Thông tin về sân bay

Quầy làm thủ tục chuyến bay

Terminal 1, Counter 4

Opening hours
3 hours prior to scheduled departure time

(Check-in counters are closed 40 minutes before departure time)

Dịch vụ tự phục vụ thuận tiện

Làm thủ tục chuyến bay và Gắn thẻ hành lý qua hệ thống Tự phục vụ
Quầy làm thủ tục chuyến bay, thẻ lên máy bay và gắn thẻ hành lý tự phục vụ. Tìm hiểu thêm.
Lưu ý: Nếu đã hoàn tất làm thủ tục chuyến bay trực tuyến, quý khách vui lòng tới quầy gắn thẻ hành lý và sau đó tới quầy gửi hành lý.

Location: Taoyuan Airport MRT - Taipei Main Station (A1 Station)

Passengers can check in, get their boarding pass and use the self-service bag drop kiosks at Taoyuan Airport MRT A1 Taipei Main Station.

Service hour: 06:00-21:30 (Available only on the same day of departure, and will be closed 3 hours before departure)

Please note:

  1. Our self-service kiosks provide check-in service and baggage check-in service without any human assistance. For services listed below, please proceed to Taoyuan International Airport for check-in:
    • Soft bags and cardboard boxes check-in.
    • Passengers requiring any special assistance (including unaccompanied minors aged 12 years or below), and passengers travelling with pets.
    • Group reservations
    • Passengers travelling with oversized baggage (total dimension exceeding 158 cm, or with any side exceeding 70 cm), excess baggage or overweight baggage.
    • Passengers requiring ferry transfer in Hong Kong.
  2. After check-in, please make sure your baggage passes the x-ray security check before leaving.
  3. In accordance with Canadian National Aviation Security Regulations, the self-service check-in kiosk is not applicable for flights to Canada.
Phòng chờ Phòng chờ Cathay Pacific
Thông tin hải quan

Visit the Taoyuan International Airport website for more details.

Others: Dutiable articles in accompanied or unaccompanied baggage may be passed on as payment of duty, provided that the total customs value does not exceed USD20,000 for each passenger.

Special notice to import rules: Fruits, live animals, plants and related products are forbidden. Dogs, cats, rabbits and animal products imported in accordance with the Act For Prevention And Control Of Infectious Animal Diseases, or dried/prepared aquatic animals, or live plants and related products imported in accordance with the Plant Protection And Quarantine Act are excluded from such restriction.