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My purchases aren't showing up in my account, even though cookies are enabled. How come?

Here are some best practice guidelines to help make sure you receive your Asia Miles:

  1. Make sure you log in to and click the “Shop now” button for the relevant merchant.
  2. Complete all your online purchases in one session.
  3. If you decide after the check-out stage that you want to purchase something else, close the merchant site window and start the process again from the
  4. Don't retrieve previously-saved items from your shopping cart − instead, start from the beginning of the purchase process.
  5. If you're buying insurance, make sure you start from a completely new quote. Don't retrieve a saved one or use a renewal offer if you're already a policy-holder.
  6. Don't click on another banner or website promoting the merchant before you complete your transaction. If you must visit another site before completing your purchase, please use a different browser to do so. Interrupting the browser session that started from the can affect the tracking of your purchase.
  7. Don't use promotional discount vouchers other than those displayed on the Doing so may cause the referral to come from the code issuer rather than from us.
  8. Telephoning the merchant to complete or modify your order will likely override our referral – therefore your Asia Miles will not be properly credited.
  9. Some ad-blocking software programmes block the special tracking codes we need to track your purchases, so please disable these programmes during this process.
  10. Unless otherwise stated, purchases made through merchant apps will not earn miles. Please make your purchase from their website via your browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and follow our other T&Cs to be eligible for your reward.
  11. Make sure the merchant site cookies are accepted when you land on the site from