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After your employing company has become a Corporate Travel Solutions registered account, you can go to the Corporate Travel Solutions site to register yourself as a Corporate Travel Solutions traveller. 

When registering for the first time, you will need to attach yourself with the company by registering as a "First Time Traveller" through inputting its unique Corporate Group ID / password. This is provided to your travel manager via email upon approval of the registered Corporate Travel Solutions account. You will then be able to sign up for a Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles membership and use that membership number as your Corporate Travel Solutions traveller identifier. 

Yes. The Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles membership number serves as a traveller’s identification in Corporate Travel Solutions, therefore it is essential to sign up for either programme before you can enjoy Corporate Travel Solutions offers. Apart from identification purposes, you can also accumulate miles/sectors through one of these programmes to enjoy membership benefits.

The Marco Polo Club is an exclusive programme that offers a range of privileges, including 24-hour access to the worldwide toll-free Marco Polo Club Service Line, priority check-in and boarding, and inflight duty-free specials. The Marco Polo Club has four tiers – Green, Silver, Gold, Diamond. As you travel with Cathay Pacific and move up through the tiers, the privileges increase, including worldwide lounge access, advance seat reservation, priority waitlisting and extra baggage allowance. Marco Polo Club members also enjoys Asia Miles benefits.

Asia Miles is Asia's leading travel reward programme and allows members to earn miles through flying, staying at hotels, spending on credit cards, dining at fine restaurants, and much more. Accrued Asia Miles can be redeemed for flight awards, upgrades or companion tickets as well as over 400 lifestyle rewards.

Travellers only need to sign up for either programme.

Yes. Travellers can register as Corporate Travel Solutions travellers with their existing Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles membership. Simply go through the registration steps and input your existing membership number when requested.

If registering travellers are Asia Miles members, they will also be offered the choice of obtaining the complimentary Marco Polo Club Green tier membership, or remain an Asia Miles member.

No. Each traveller can be attached to only one company. If an employee ceases working with one Corporate Travel Solutions registered company and joins another Corporate Travel Solutions registered company, his/her membership number must be removed from the former Corporate Travel Solutions account by the Travel Manager, before it can be re-attached to another Corporate Travel Solutions account.

A traveller who no longer works for this company must be removed from its Corporate Travel Solutions account. The Travel Manager of this company will have the administrative right to remove travellers through the Travel Manager Functions.

The Travel Manager of the Corporate Travel Solutions company will have the administrative right to remove travellers from a Corporate Travel Solutions account through the Travel Manager Functions.

Yes, registered members of The Marco Polo Club or Asia Miles will be able to retain their memberships even after a Corporate Travel Solutions account has been terminated. They can continue to accrue miles by flying with participating airlines, and members of Asia Miles can continue spending with Asia Miles lifestyle partners.