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    Cathay Pacific
    How to be a responsible traveller
    Follow these tips to help protect your health – and that of fellow travellers
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    Credit: Bay Leung

    There’s no denying the travel experience has changed since the emergence of COVID-19: but we are learning to adapt. While airlines and airports are implementing many additional protective measures, there are also plenty of things an individual can do to be a responsible traveller during COVID-19.

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    Pre-flight checks

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    1. Monitor your own health

    If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a high temperature, sore throat or cough, avoid travelling until you are well again. Like other airlines, Cathay Pacific will not currently accept passengers who display such symptoms.

    Many countries now require an up-to-date doctor’s certificate stating that you have tested negative for the disease in order to gain entry, so check travel requirements well in advance.

    2. Ensure your vaccinations are up to date

    Don’t add stress to your immune system by taking risks with other illnesses: make sure you’re up to date with all of the necessary vaccinations for your destination.


    At the airport and onboard your flight

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    3. Wear a face mask

    COVID-19 is spread mainly through respiratory droplets from the mouth and nose. In order to limit the chances of spreading infectious droplets, it is now a mandatory requirement for Cathay Pacific passengers to wear a face mask during their journey. This includes immigration or security queues at the airport, and at all times onboard a plane, except for when eating or drinking.

    4. Clean your area

    Airlines have all ramped up their cleaning practices. Cathay Pacific planes are now thoroughly disinfected between each flight by professional cleaning teams, and the cabin air is sterilised with the same filters used in hospital operating rooms. But there’s no harm in wiping down your personal area for added peace of mind. That’s why, during the flight, you will be provided with a  personal care kit to help maximise hygiene measures.


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    5. Practice physical distancing

    At the airport, make sure you’re staying physically distant from your fellow travellers. On board the plane, Cathay Pacific will endeavour to block off seats wherever possible to maintain distance. Inflight, the less you walk around, the less contact you will have with others. And when it comes to disembarkation, make sure you take your time to ensure there’s enough space between you and other passengers in the aisles.

    6. Practice hand hygiene

    Vigilant hand washing is the best defence against spreading and catching germs. If you can’t wash your hands, make sure you have antibacterial hand sanitiser instead. You should also avoid touching your mouth, face and face mask.


    At your destination

    7. Respect local quarantine health measures

    If there are quarantine measures in the destination you visit, it’s important to follow these and self-isolate. Even in areas without quarantine measures, check your temperature regularly – and if you have any symptoms, be sure to check in with local health authorities for a test or further advice.

    This story was originally published in August 2020 and updated in October 2020