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    5 things we can’t wait for at the 2023 Hong Kong Sevens
    The city’s favourite sporting event returns, restriction-free and bigger than ever
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    In just two weeks, the streets of Causeway Bay and Happy Valley will be taken over by the likes of Mario, Superman and Elsa from Frozen – and yet Halloween’s not for another six months. For the uninitiated, the costumed crowds heading towards Hong Kong Stadium between 31 March – 2 April can only mean one thing: the Cathay/HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Tournament is back. For the first time in four years, the event will be restriction-free. 

    As part of the World Sevens Series, the sporting event draws thousands of people from all over the world eager to see high-intensity rugby matches. But watching the games is just part of the fun, as the stadium transforms into one of Hong Kong’s biggest parties. From the glorious chaos of the South Stand to the nail-biting finals, the Hong Kong Sevens is deeply embedded into the city’s DNA and it’s great to have it back in its full form. Keep reading for everything we're looking forward to this year.

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    Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

     1) High-stakes rugby games

    As part of the World Rugby Sevens series, major fans of the sport won’t be left disappointed as there are some exciting teams on the docket this year. Following last year’s win by Australia, 28 teams are set to face off in a bid to claim the tournament cup, including fan favourites like Argentina, Fiji and New Zealand.

    This year’s event is also a very special one for Hong Kong rugby fans, as it marks the first time both Hong Kong’s male and female rugby teams have competed alongside each other in a World Series tournament.


    Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

    2) Partying in the South Stand

    Some call it the best party in Hong Kong, others call it total mayhem. Whatever your view is, you need to experience the South Stand at least once in your life. Packed with people ready to have a good time, it’s a tradition to dress in costume, meaning it’s not unusual to see the likes of Sailor Moon, Deadpool and Captain America sharing pitchers of beer. It’s always best to go early in the morning to save prime seats, as it regularly reaches capacity in the afternoon. As the birthplace of the tournament’s Mexican waves and many hangovers, it’s always guaranteed to be a good time.


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    3) Live music performances

    Belgian pop, local ska music and Korean DJ mixes are set to light up Hong Kong Stadium this year, with vibrant performances packed between rugby matches. Belgium’s Plastic Bertrand, known for their smash hit Ça Plane Pour Moi, will lead the charge alongside South Korea’s DJ Soda and Hong Kong’s own ska band The Red Stripes to get the crowd moving. And that’s not to mention the raucous singing you’ll hear from the stands as Hong Kong Sevens anthems such as Sweet Caroline, Come on Eileen and Hey Baby blast through the stadium.

    HK neon

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    4) Nostalgic Hong Kong merchandise

    This year, you’ll find the line for Hong Kong Sevens merchandise might be longer than usual, as we’re dropping some limited-edition collectibles – such as rugby balls taking design cues from classic Hong Kong themes like aeroplane chess and traditional Chinese typography. You’ll also find loving nods to the city’s neon signs at a rugby-themed photo booth and be able to grab official Sevens merchandise, Hong Kong Rugby Union shirts and player jerseys at the stadium’s souvenir booths.


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    5) Post-tournament nights out

    The fun doesn’t stop once you leave the stadium. Hong Kong’s nightlife districts Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai teem with Rugby Sevens fans all looking to keep the party going once the games are done. There’s no shortage of bars to choose from, and bar-hopping is a city-wide sport: just follow the costumes to the next party destination. 

    Book your tickets today and find out everything you need to know about the 2024 Hong Kong Sevens here.

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