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Changes, cancellation and refund

Currently, changing the ticket online function is available Note 1,2,3 for original Cathay Pacific tickets purchased online with journeys commencing from Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong Note 4, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Maldives, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, the USA, U. A. Emirates, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Note 1: If the changing ticket online function is not available for your itinerary after verified by the system or the Change Booking Button does not shown in Manage Booking, you simply contact our reservations office and we will arrange it for you.

Note 2: Subject to the terms associated with your purchased fare, change/rebooking may NOT be allowed. Or there may be a change/rebooking fee involved.

Note 3: Online Booking Change offers date or flight change with the same origin, destination and route in the same cabin without en-route stops. For example, itinerary such as departure from Taipei to Osaka and return from Tokyo to Taipei is not applicable for Online Booking Change.

Note 4: Online Booking Change function is not available for journeys commencing from Hong Kong but paid in Renminbi Currency.

Currently changing flight booking online only supports electronic tickets booked through Cathay Pacific website. If the change booking function is not available for your itinerary, you may contact Cathay Pacific reservations office for assistance.

You can change flight bookings with other carrier’s connecting flights, provided that the original Cathay Pacific tickets were purchased online.

All passengers under the same original booking record are required to change dates and/or flights together when changing flight bookings online.

You are required to cancel your Online Check-In at Manage Booking before you change your booking online.

You can make date and time changes to flight bookings made at via Manage Booking. Once the online system verifies your ticket that is eligible for date and time changes through online, a “Change Booking” button will be displayed under your flight booking details.

In some instances, the online system verifies the ticket which is not eligible for making date and time changes online, the “Change Booking” button shall not be displayed. However, you can contact Cathay Pacific Reservations Office to ask to change the flight booking.

Changing ticket online function supports seat selection. Alternatively, passengers can choose seat request by using Manage My Booking. For details and seat eligibility, please refer Frequently Asked Questions in “Manage Booking - Seat Request”.

Passengers can choose meal request by using Manage Booking. For details and special meals available on board, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions in “Manage Booking – Special Meal/Services Requests”.

Yes, you can pay for the changes for another person providing that the credit card payment paid for ticket must be authenticated by “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard®SecureCodeTM", otherwise, the cardholder will be required to present the physical card used for verification. In addition, for journey commencing from China, debit/credit card issued in China can be accepted.

No, you are not required to pay with the same credit card. However, the passenger may be asked to present the physical credit card(s) charged for the tickets for credit card verification upon check-in. In addition, for journey departs from China, debit/credit card issued in China can be accepted.

When you have accepted either “Confirm Change” or “Confirm Payment” button at the Fare Details and Payment pages, you will then receive a confirmation email shortly.

Once you have completed the date or time change online successfully, the online system will normally re-issue your e-ticket with the revised flight booking within 1 hours and an e-ticket itinerary receipt will be sent to the email address that you have provided during the online booking process. Once you receive this email of the e-ticket itinerary receipt, you may then view your booking online at Manage My Booking.

To refund tickets purchased directly from the Cathay Pacific websites or Cathay Pacific app, please complete the refund form online.

If you purchased your ticket through a travel agent, please contact that travel agent for a refund.

For redemption tickets, please contact Asia Miles.

For other ticket enquiries, please call our Global Contact Centres, or your nearest Cathay Pacific office.

When you have changed the date and time on your flight booking online, a partial refund (does not equate to the cost of half round trip) of your original ticket is payable, such residual values will be refunded to the credit card charged. Refund will be in the chosen currency when the previous ticket(s) was purchased.

After deduction of necessary cancellation charges, the residual amount will be processed in (counted from the day of receipt of the refund request):

  • 7 working days for credit card transactions
  • 20 calendar days for ticket in other forms of payment such as cash, bank transfer, PayPal, Ideal, etc. 

Please note the above time is the processing time required within Cathay Pacific. Time required for the actual refund to reach cardholder’s account will depend on the bank’s processing time.

Also, the above guidelines do not apply to special refund involving service on other airlines.

The refund of the Online Booking Change transaction takes seven working days for ticket involved in US sector. Others take 20 calendar days.


Notwithstanding any contrary booking terms and conditions and/or fare rules, for bookings made 7 days or earlier before departure via the internet on the US site, involving itineraries to/from the US, you can cancel paid reservations within 24 hours after purchase for a full refund in accordance with our refund process set out at Changes, Cancellation and Refund.

The 7-day refund policy of the Taiwan Consumer Protection Act does not apply to bookings made with an international airline company. For ticket changes, cancellation and refund, customers should refer to each booking’s terms and conditions and/or fare rules.