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Safety assistants

If you or a relative require an escort to help you travel on a Cathay Pacific flight, just let us know

What is a safety assistant?

A safety assistant accompanies a passenger on their journey to assist them with anything they need help with. This could include comprehending and responding appropriately to instructions to cabin crew, or helping them evacuate the aircraft in the event of an emergency.

A safety assistant could be a relative or a hired private attendant. They must be self-reliant, mentally able, and physically fit to provide the passenger with all the assistance required.

Do I need a safety assistant?

When travelling on board a Cathay Pacific flight, a safety assistant may be required if the passenger is:

  • Travelling in a stretcher, incubator or require regular medical attention during the flight.
  • Unable to comprehend or respond to safety instructions, perhaps due to a cognitive or developmental disability
  • Have impaired mobility, which is severe enough that you would not be able to evacuate the aircraft unassisted
  • Have a combination of severe vision and hearing impairments, making communication with the cabin crew a challenge

Your safety is our priority

We will do our very best to accommodate every reasonable request to make your journey comfortable. However, we are unable to provide assistance with personal care needs inflight such as eating, drinking, administration of medications, and lavatorial assistance.