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Optional services and fees

Cathay Pacific optional services and fees

For any itinerary involving a sector to, from and within the US, if you change your itinerary after purchasing any of the optional services (as listed), you will need to re-purchase the service, at the then-current prices, for the new itinerary.

Passengers holding a ticket issued by us (ticket number beginning with 160) and travelling in Economy on flights marketed and operated by us can reserve a seat in advance for an additional fee or free of charge, depending on their eligibility.

For more information, including applicable fees, please visit Reserve your seat.

Acceptance of any bag over 32kg / 70lbs or over 203cm / 80in long in total dimension is subject to prior approval and notification upon booking/reservation.

Overweight / oversize items must be repacked or split into lighter units during check-in otherwise they will not be accepted for carriage. Special arrangements can be made for sporting equipment, musical instruments, pets as baggage, mobility aids, medical equipment and diplomatic baggage.

For charges and more information on purchasing extra baggage, please refer to the Extra baggage page.

Sporting equipment is subject to the applicable standard excess baggage charges if in excess of your standard free baggage allowance.

Click here to view the details of extra baggage charge.

For non-stop flights between Hong Kong SAR and Auckland without extra sectors (wholly within Hong Kong SAR and New Zealand) on Cathay Pacific Airways or Air New Zealand:

  • Handling fee for firearms: NZD200/HKD1300 per piece

Except service dogs, no pet or animal of any description will be permitted in our passenger cabin. Pets such as dogs, cats and birds will be crated and transported in the cargo compartment. Please check with the local government office for all documentation required (i.e. health certificates and travel permits) if you plan to fly with your pet.

We are currently not accepting new bookings for pets travelling as check-in baggage until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Alternatively, you may transport your pet with Cathay Cargo.

Please contact your local Cathay Cargo office for more information and assistance.

Mobility Aid is defined as an assistive device that is used by individuals with mobility impairments such as cane and walker, crutch and wheelchair.

Assistive Device is defined as any piece of equipment that assists a passenger with a disability to cope with the effects of his or her disability. Such devices are intended to assist a passenger with a disability to hear, see, communicate, manoeuvre or perform other functions of daily life and may include medical devices and medications. Equipment used by a service animal (e.g. hamess, leash, vest) in conjunction with its work as a service animal is also an assistive device. However food is not equipment and therefore when tendered as carry on or check baggage, the standard size, weight, and baggage allowance limits may apply.

Mobility aids and assistive devices that are carried by the passenger can be accepted without charge as specified in the table below in addition to the baggage allowance, provided that the equipment is necessary for the journey.


From/To Destinations in the US

  • No limit on assistive devices and mobility aids in addition to the free baggage allowance

Other Destinations

  • One assistive device and two pieces of mobility aids per passenger in addition to the free baggage allowance.

For the passenger travelling on two or more sectors e.g. Manila - Hong Kong SAR - Los Angeles where there are different baggage policies for mobility aids and assistive devices, the most generous policy shall apply to all sectors.

The major change under this new rule Baggage Provisions Selection Criteria (Resolution 302) is to switch from following the baggage travel allowance and charges set and agreed on by the industry to following the allowance and charges of the Most Significant Carrier (MSC) in multi-carrier journeys. In addition, journeys originating from or with the furthest point being in the United States will be subject to another definition of MSC.

Most Significant Carrier (MSC) is:

The first carrier crossing the IATA Tariff Area (for travel across one Tariff Area).


Sector IATA Tariff Area Carrier
Sydney - Hong Kong SAR(no stop-over) Tariff Area 3 to Tariff Area 3 Qantas
Hong Kong SAR - London Tariff Area 3 to Tariff Area 2 Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the Most Significant Carrier.


The first carrier crossing the IATA Sub-area (for travel within a Tariff Area).


Sector IATA Sub Area Carrier
Sydney - Singapore (no stop-over) Southwest Pacific to Southeast Asia Qantas
Singapore - Hong Kong SAR Southeast Asia to Southeast Asia Cathay Pacific

Qantas is the Most Significant Carrier.


The first carrier flying an international sector (for travel within a Sub Area).


Sector Carrier
Phuket - Bangkok (no stop-over) Thai Airways
Bangkok - Hong Kong SAR Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the Most Significant Carrier.


Sector Carrier
Singapore - Bangkok (no stop-over) Singapore Airlines
Bangkok - Hong Kong SAR Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines is the Most Significant Carrier.

IATA has divided the world into three Tariff Areas but within a Tariff Area there are a few sub areas:

IATA Tariff Areas Sub areas
North America, Central and South America, Hawaii USA, Canada, Mexico
Central America
South America
Europe, Middle East Europe
Middle East
Asia, Guam, Southwest Pacific Japan, Korea
Southeast Asia
South Asian Subcontinent
Southwest Pacific

For journeys originating from or with the furthest point being in the United States, exceptions imposed by the Department of Transportation of the US Government will be in place.

For instance:

Sector Excception
Boston - Los Angeles - Hong Kong SAR - Los Angeles - Boston Exception applies
Hong Kong SAR - Vancouver - New York City - Hong Kong SAR Exception applies
Hong Kong SAR - Los Angeles - Toronto - Hong Kong SAR Exception does NOT apply

If the exception applies:

  1. The MSC must be the Marketing Carrier for codeshare flights.
    Example: Los Angeles - Hong Kong SAR travel with tickets bought from American Airlines but the flight is operated by Cathay Pacific.
    American Airlines is the Most Significant Carrier.
  2. The whole journey should be taken into account when determining the MSC even if the traveller checks out their baggage at one point during the journey.
Flight sectors Fee per sector^

Hong Kong to/from airports in:

  • Europe
  • South Asia, Middle East & Africa
  • South West Pacific
  • The Americas
HKD 1000 / USD 130
Others HKD 500 / USD 65

^The fee is paid in the local currency equivalent based on the exchange rate on the date of purchase. Bookings from certain countries/regions, including India, may incur a sales tax.

Type of service Online self-service Other channels*
Request or replace Cathay physical membership card or personalised baggage name tags** USD20 Asia Miles2,000 USD50 Asia Miles5,000
Statement reprint - - USD50 Asia Miles5,000
Change of Redemption Group Nominees
Applicable to replacement of each existing Nominee or registration of each new Nominee to replace a previously deleted Nominee.
USD50 - USD75 -
Flight award ticket changes*
  • Change of confirmed flight date or flight number with the same itinerary, same airline, and same ticket expiry date.
  • Change of routing, cabin class or flight award type, subject to change having the same expiry date as the original ticket and being on the same airline (not applicable to partially used tickets).
* Charge per ticket, per occurrence.
USD50 Asia Miles7,500 USD50 Asia Miles7,500
Flight award ticket flight cancellation*
Cancellation must be requested before the ticket expiry date and is not applicable for partially used tickets.

* Charge per ticket, per occurrence.
USD120 Asia Miles17,000 USD120 Asia Miles17,000
Booking and ticketing service fee*
Applicable only to all Cathay Pacific flight change request via other channels.

* Charge per booking, per occurrence.
- - USD40 Asia Miles6,000
Express Lifestyle Award redemption letter processing
Express courier service lead-time of redemption letters is around 4 working days for mailing addresses in Hong Kong, and around 10 working days for mailing addresses outside Hong Kong, depending on mailing location.
USD50 Asia Miles5,000 USD50 Asia Miles5,000
Lifestyle Award redemption letter replacement
Applicable if a lifestyle award redemption letter is lost.
- - USD50 Asia Miles5,000
Asia Miles renewal
In blocks of 2,000 Asia Miles.
(per block)
- USD100
(per block)
Asia Miles transfer
Initial block transfer of 10,000 Asia Miles
(initial block)
- USD250
(initial block)
Asia Miles transfer
Further transfers in blocks of 5,000 Asia Miles
USD140 - USD200 -
Asia Miles Gift Miles™
Minimum purchase of 1,000 Asia Miles
(initial block)
- - -
Asia Miles Gift Miles™
Further purchase in blocks of 500 Asia Miles
(per block)
- - -
Asia Miles Gift Miles™
Service fee per purchase.
(per purchase)
- - -
Asia Miles Top-Up®
In blocks of 2,000 Asia Miles
(per block)
- USD60
(per block)

* Other channels include the Customer Care, live chat service and any non-online self-service channels.

** Upon upgrading to a status, Members will receive a set of personalised baggage name tags, and they can request a physical membership card or additional sets of personalised baggage name tags online:

  • Green members are able to view their digital membership card on web and mobile app.

Each physical membership card or set of baggage name tags that are not complimentary will be charged at USD20 or 2,000 Asia Miles. Standard shipping is free of charge. In all cases, if express courier shipping is required, there is a fee of USD50 or 5,000 Asia Miles for each request.

Extra seat for personal comfort or medical reason The additional charge for a 2nd seat requested by a passenger must not be less than the applicable fare paid by the passenger for the 1st seat.
Cabin bulky baggage (for musical instruments, diplomatic bags and religious idol) The additional charge for a 2nd seat requested by a passenger must not be less than the applicable fare paid by the passenger for the 1st seat.
Stretcher Cathay Pacific - charge for eight seats on Economy one way adult fares.
Cake HKD300^ (or equivalent in local currency)
Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) application for travel to Australia EUR40^ or USD50^ (or equivalent in local currency) per person per request
  • Customer Care - HKD400^
Booking and ticketing service fee
(non-Cathay Pacific tickets)
USD39^ (or equivalent in local currency) per person per transaction
EXCEPTION: Transaction in Hong Kong SAR - HKD300^
Booking and ticketing service fee (tickets purchased through a travel agent) USD60^/HKD470^ per booking for changes made through Customer Care

^Charge is paid in HKD for any sector departing from Hong Kong SAR. For any sector departing from other destinations, the charge is paid in the local currency equivalent of the USD fee, by using the USD exchange rate at the point of sale on the date of purchase – the local currency fee is therefore subject to currency fluctuation. Bookings from certain points of sale, including India, may incur a sales tax..

The below Name Correction Fees will apply for any corrections to be made to the Name after the ticket has been issued.

Country of Commencement of Travel
(Point of Origin as per the ticket)
Bookings made Online or through Reservations Bookings made through Travel Agents
All countries Free of Cost

Free of Cost

Note: Service fee of USD60 will apply per booking. Only urgent name correction cases will be handled by Cathay Pacific office directly.



a) If not the “same person” - Not permitted
b) If it is the “same person” and matches with the travel documents - Permitted

  • Middle name addition or deletion
  • Surname, middle and first name swap
  • Omitted part of name
  • Title / gender correction
  • Spelling mistake or typo (regardless of number of alphabets)
  • Legal reasons (i.e. marriage, divorce, adoption) which can be validated by verifying the date of birth in the original and new document (Passengers are encouraged to provide document proof for the name change request)


  • GST of 5% for Economy Class and 12% for Other Classes will be applicable on the above charge. The class of travel will be determined as per the first outbound flight.
  • The above policy is applicable only to name correction. Name changes are not permitted.
  • For changes due to legal reasons, passengers are encouraged to provide document proof for the name change request.
  • Please ensure that the name entered at the time of booking matches your name exactly as shown on the passport.
  • Name correction cannot be done if your ticket has any codeshare flight with any other interline carriers.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to other travelers by changing the name on the ticket. A new ticket will have to be purchased in the new travelers’ name subject to fares and availability of flights.
  • For tickets purchased through CX website or directly from Cathay pacific office, you may contact the reservations office on 000 800 050-2163 for amendments.
  • For tickets issued through travel agent, request to please contact the issuing agent.