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Baggage calculator

Your baggage allowance is listed on your e-ticket receipt and in Manage Booking. Alternatively, you may use the calculator below to check your baggage allowance.


  • If you have upgraded to a higher cabin using Upgrade Bid, your baggage allowance is still based on your original ticket allowance.
  • If your ticket involves flights marketed by other airlines, the baggage allowance may differ. Visit  Carrier rules for more details.

Check your baggage allowance

Infants with a confirmed separate seat, travelling with a child ticket, are entitled to the same standard baggage allowance as an adult. See more about travelling with an infant.

Exceeding your baggage allowance

Baggage that exceeds the size and weight of your standard check-in allowance, or exceeds your Cathay member or oneworld tier allowance, will require special handling and additional fees.

Please note that we will not accept any single bag that is over 32kg / 70lb in weight or 203cm / 80in long in total dimension. The total dimension of your bag is the sum of its width, height, and length. (L+W+H=203cm/80in).

We have separate guidelines for non-standard baggage items, including musical instruments and sporting equipment.

Pre-flight checklist

Please take note of the following notes:

Place sharp items into checked baggage

Place sharp items into checked baggage

If you are carrying nail scissors, letter knives or anything sharp and pointed, you will have to place them into checked baggage.

Check your luggage for prohibited items and items with restrictions

Check your luggage for prohibited items and items with restrictions

Depending on where you fly, there are restrictions on certain items and items which are prohibited to travel with entirely. For example, liquids, gases and aerosols are only allowed to be brought on board in certain volumes. Visit our restricted items or more details.

Limit the amount of spare batteries you travel with

Limit the amount of spare batteries you travel with

Ensure that any spare batteries you travel with are stored properly and in acceptable amounts. Read more about travelling with spare batteries.

Be mindful of your luggage allowance

Be mindful of your luggage allowance

Check in any bags that are too heavy to lift into the overhead compartments.   Our cabin crew are unable to lift or carry bags for you. 

It is possible to travel with musical instruments and sports equipment, although please be aware rules differ according to your route. You can also check in extra baggage for a small fee.

  • If you’re travelling with a smart bag, you must be able to remove the battery in case the bag has to be checked in at any point during the journey.
  • You must remove the lithium batteries and carry them in your cabin baggage. These will be treated in accordance with existing spare lithium battery requirements.

For more details regarding baggage information, including controlled and banned items, please visit travelling with spare batteries.

We’ll be able to through-check your baggage to your final destination if you're:

  • Holding connecting itineraries booked on a single ticket
  • Connecting between flights operated by Cathay Pacific
  • Travelling on separate tickets involving connections with our airline partners, provided that your journey begins with Cathay Pacific

If you’re travelling to Australia or the US and transferring to a domestic flight, you may need to collect your baggage and clear customs before proceeding to your domestic connection.

Through-check may not be possible:

  • If your travel begins with an airline that does not provide this service
  • Due to local customs restrictions and requirements

The following items can be checked in as one ‘piece’ of baggage under your checked-baggage allowance.

  • One sleeping bag or bed-roll
  • One rucksack, knapsack or backpack
  • One pair of snow skis with one pair of ski poles and boots
  • One snowboard and boots
  • One surf board (a maximum of 158cm / 62in in length)
  • One golf bag containing clubs and accompanying golf shoes
  • One duffle-type bag or type 22 bag (soft-sided and zippered bags with side panels that can be opened with a zipper)
  • One suitably packed bicycle. This should be: non-motorised touring or racing single seat bicycle; handlebars are fixed and tightened sideways or parallel to the frame or enclosed in plastic foam or similar material; pedals are removed or fixed inwards or enclosed in plastic foam or similar material; tyres are deflated; packed in a strong and protective hard case or recognised bicycle box.
  • One pair of standard water skis or slalom water skis
  • Suitably packed fishing equipment consisting of two rods, one reel, one landing net, one pair of fishing boots and tackle box

Standard weight limitations apply to each item.


Travelling with sporting firearms

Sporting firearms consist of:

  • One rifle case containing not more than two rifles, 5kg / 10lb of ammunition, one shooting mat, noise suppressor and small rifle tools
  • Two shotguns and two shotgun cases
  • One pistol case containing no more than five pistols, 5kg / 10lb of ammunition, noise suppressors, one pistol telescope and small pistol tools

Any passenger wishing to travel with firearms should read about our prohibited items and get in touch with your booking and reservation office for further details.

Free baggage allowance and extra baggage charges for flights that involve one or more other airlines (i.e. not Cathay Pacific) rely on a new method of calculation. This is in agreement with the new baggage policy from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Read more about our most significant carrier rules.

If you use a mobility aid or assistive device to get around, we want to help you understand what you can bring free of charge. It depends on the nature of the device and the route you fly.

Acceptable items include portable electronic medical devices, canes, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, and wheelchair accessories. Such devices help a passenger with a disability in their everyday life. Equipment used by a service animal (e.g. a harness or leash) that helps the animal work would also be considered an assistive device. Food for a service animal is not regarded as equipment and would have to be checked in or carried as hand baggage, following our regulations. Please note that wheelchairs are subject to stowage criteria.

Take note of your route to see what you can bring along free of charge.

For flights to/from the USA, there are no restrictions on the number of mobility aids and assistive aids you can bring on board for free.

On flights to other destinations, you may bring one assistive device and two mobility aids per passenger, in addition to your standard check in allowance.

Visit the help for passengers section for more details.

Your ticket is determined by the ‘most significant carrier’, which determines baggage allowance for air travel.

Read more about our most significant carrier rules.

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