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    Cathay Pacific

    Greener together: leading the way for a sustainable future

    As an airline, it is our responsibility to protect the environment and work towards sustainable development. We’re committed to a carbon neutral future and are leading efforts to fight climate change with strong sustainability practices, which guide our operations and resourcing.

    We’re also dedicated to serving our communities, both in Hong Kong and across the globe, and to protecting the natural habitat from exploitation. Discover more about our efforts to safeguard our planet - and learn how you can join us in our drive to be greener together.

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    Charting a course to zero carbon

    We’re taking a multi-pronged approach to reduce our emissions in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and transition towards low-carbon travel.

    Sustainable operations: responsible use of resources

    We have strict controls on our partners and where our products come from. We use materials responsibly, and we care about what happens to them afterwards. Our renewed Supplier Code of Conduct provides clear guidelines on our standards and requirements for suppliers.

    56% reduction in single-use plastic

    We’ve surpassed our target to halve single-use plastics by removing nearly 200 million items by the end of 2022: that’s a 56 per cent reduction per passenger since 2018.

    367 tonnes of inconsumable food waste sent for energy recovery

    In 2022, we diverted 367 tonnes of inconsumable food waste from landfill and sent it to O∙PARK1 in Hong Kong for energy recovery.

    114 tonnes of food donated

    We donated 114 tonnes of surplus food to our charitable partners in 2022.

    Taking care of our community

    We care deeply about our customers, people, and wider communities in Hong Kong and across the world. We work with local and global partners and invest in projects building stonger societies.

    Defending the natural world

    We recognise the vital role we play in protecting vulnerable species and ecosystems through responsible cargo management and sustainable sourcing.
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