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HKG travel checklist

Flying to Hong Kong soon?

Latest update: 11 August 2022

From 12 August, passengers travelling to Hong Kong will only need to complete three nights in a Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH), followed by four days of medical self-monitoring at home or in a normal hotel.

Here's our step-by-step checklist on what you need to do to prepare for your trip.

Our colleagues welcoming you in Ben Gurion Airport will check the following documents. They will also be checked multiple times by quarantine officials on arrival in Hong Kong. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to have printed copies ready for your convenience.

For more information regarding what is required when departing Israel, please visit the Ben Gurion Airport website.


A valid passport

A valid passport


A valid passport or other valid travel document and, if required, a Visa/permit to enter Hong Kong.

Check restrictions for passengers travelling to Hong Kong  and the Immigration and quarantine requirements section on the same page.

Negative COVID-19 PCR test in English or Chinese

Negative COVID-19 PCR test in English or Chinese

Travellers aged three and over will require a negative PCR test, regardless of their vaccination status.

The name on your test report MUST be exactly as it appears on your passport and travel documents. The Hong Kong Government will not accept any name spelling deviation, nor with any parts of the name missing. 

The sample must be taken within 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure. You should also leave ample time to receive your results.

The test report must be provided in English or accompanied by a completed cover letter in English if this is not possible.

Please note, only a polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based nucleic acid test will be accepted. Find out more from the Israeli government website.

Your Hong Kong hotel room reservation

Your Hong Kong hotel room reservation

Starting from the day of arrival, you will need a hotel reservation in one of the designated quarantine hotels for no less than three nights.

Please ensure your full name is printed on the hotel confirmation, including all guests’ names in shared room.

Proof of your vaccination status in English or Chinese

Proof of your vaccination status in English or Chinese

For passengers vaccinated in Israel, you'll need to show your vaccination certificate issued by the healthcare institution or relevant authorities of the local government of the place where the vaccines were administered showing: 

  • Your full names as per your travel document.
  • The date the last dose was administered.
  • The name of the vaccine received.

If you were vaccinated in Hong Kong, your printed vaccination certificate, eHealth record or your vaccination pass stored in your electronic wallet will need to be shown. 

Your vaccination proof must show all parts of your full name as per your travel document, and be in English or Chinese. If it doesn’t meet these requirements, you'll need to provide an accompanying cover letter signed by a doctor. 

Please note, it must have been at least 14 days since you were given your final vaccine to be considered “fully vaccinated”.

For passengers vaccinated in Israel, you can apply for your vaccination certificate here.

Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Clearance

Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Clearance

Once you have all the documents ready. Go to and fill in the Health Declaration required by the Hong Kong authorities.

Download and save the QR Code at the end.

Fly Ready confirmation

Fly Ready confirmation

Log on to Fly Ready, follow the prompts and upload the necessary documents. Once your documents have been verified, a successful confirmation email will be sent to you or we will let you know if further clarification is required.

Once you have received a successful confirmation, you are ready to fly!

Save time at the airport

Fly Ready with our document pre-verification

Save time and stress by uploading your documents before your flight from Israel to Hong Kong. We’ll verify them ahead of time and let you know if there's any issues – so you can arrive at the airport ready to fly.

Submit your documents anytime between 48 hours and 12 hours before your flight departs from Tel Aviv.

Upload your documents to Fly Ready now >

Pre-departure COVID-19 PCR test

If you are flying from, or transiting through Ben Gurion Airport and ending your journey in Hong Kong, you must have a negative COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours before your scheduled departure time. This must show your full name in English as printed in your passport and include your passport number.

Only a polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based nucleic acid test will be accepted as a pre-departure testing requirement.

Hotel quarantine upon arrival

A reservation confirmation at one of the designated hotelsOpen a new window in Hong Kong is required, for no less than 3 nights starting on the day of your arrival in Hong Kong. See our hand-picked hotel deals for quarantine.Open a new window

We understand there may be some uncertainty about where to stay and what you can expect from your quarantine, so we've put together a useful guide to help you make the most out of your time.

Documentation & further FAQs

COVID-19 rules continue to change, often at short notice, so it’s important to be well informed. Please visit our Hong Kong entry requirements page for more information about required documents.

We've also collated your most frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need before flying.





Returning to Hong Kong - FAQs

A person is only considered “fully vaccinated” by the Hong Kong Government 14 nights after the last dose in the course of vaccination.

For example, if you receive your final dose on 01 June (Day 0), you are considered to be fully vaccinated on or after 15 June (Day 14).

You must have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines recognised by the Hong Kong GovernmentOpen a new window.

Please note you must present a vaccination record in English or Chinese issued by a healthcare institution or a relevant authority of the government of the place where the vaccine was administered. Your name on the vaccination record must be identical to your travel document and must show:

  • You have received dose(s) of COVID-19 vaccine and the date(s) on which the dose(s) was/were administered; and
  • the name of the vaccine administered.

For passengers vaccinated in Israel, you can apply for your vaccination certificate hereOpen a new window.

For further details, please refer to the Hong Kong Government COVID-19 websiteOpen a new window.

You can present your documents on your phone if you wish. However, we strongly recommend you to print out all documents e.g. vaccination record (in English or Chinese) for check-in and inspection upon your arrival in Hong Kong. This will speed up the whole process and ensure smooth handling at various checkpoints. 

If you choose to present these items on your phone, we recommend that you have a back-up way to access them in case your device runs out of battery or in case of technical issues.

However, you must print the Cathay Pacific Passenger Travel Declaration.

Yes - The Hong Kong Government has announced that from 01 June 2022, children under three (i.e. before they reached their 3rd birthday) will no longer need to present a negative PCR test before they board. They are nevertheless, subject to a PCR test on arrival administered by health officials on arrival in Hong Kong.

We hope you are feeling better.

From 01 June 2022, you may still be able to travel to Hong Kong if you fulfill the following additional requirements:

i) A certificate issued by a medical practitioner or a recovery record issued by relevant authorities, showing that you were infected with COVID-19 14 to 90 days prior to boarding for Hong Kong and have recovered (the personal information contained on the documentary must match your travel document);

ii) a negative Rapid Antigen Test (Lateral Flow Test) test for COVID-19 issued by a laboratory or medical clinic. The sample for which was taken within 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure of your flight to Hong Kong.

Please ensure these documents are in English, Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese.