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I only become a Cathay member after being insured under an Eligible Insurance Product, can my wellness journey still be elevated?

If you only became an Cathay member after becoming insured on eligible insurance or you did not enter your Cathay membership number at the time of product purchase, please send us an email at with the following details:

  • Preferred contact email:
  • Your Cathay membership number:
  • Your Cathay membership first name:
  • Your Cathay membership surname:
  • Your eligible insurance policy number:
  • Policy start date:
  • Your first name (per policy details):
  • Your surname (per policy details):


If you did not purchase your insurance policy directly (i.e., your insurance was purchased by another policy holder), please also provide us with the following additional information:

  • The surname of the policy holder:
  • The Cathay membership number of the policy holder:


Once we can confirm your details under an applicable eligible insurance product, we will either:

  1. Invite you to start your elevated wellness journey on the Cathay app (if you have yet to join); or
  2. Upgrade your existing wellness journey within 14 business days (if you are already signed up)