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How can I terminate my participation in the wellness journey?

You can cancel your participation and end your wellness journey at any time by sending us an email at wellness-support@cathaypacific.comOpen a new window with the subject 'Wellness Journey Termination' and the following details:

  • Cathay membership number:
  • Your first name (as registered on your Cathay account):
  • Your surname (as registered on your Cathay account):
  • Your phone number (as registered on your Cathay account):
  • Reason for cancellation (optional):


Upon receiving your request, we will cancel your participation in the wellness journey within 14 business days. By terminating your wellness journey:

  1. All personal settings and all information and data gathered in relation to the wellness journey on the Asia Miles by Cathay App and the Member’s Cathay account will be deleted, including all progress made in relation to Activities, other than a 12 month retention of data as necessary.
  2. All synced connections between permitted tracking devices to a member’s Cathay account on the Asia Miles by Cathay app will be terminated. Members should disable all synchronisation from their permitted tracking devices with the Cathay account on the Asia Miles by Cathay app; and
  3. Any mileage credits earned in relation to my daily activities will be forfeited and waived (unless such activities were completed prior to the date of termination or deactivation).

Onboarding reward is only applicable to eligible new participants who have not previously joined the wellness journey within the past 12 months.