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Strava trouble shooting

A) How Strava automatic activity tracking works:

  • Strava collects your activity data (e.g. bike rides) throughout the day.
  • Your Strava app then syncs periodically to Strava’s cloud to back up your data and allow it to be accessible from the web and other apps you approve, such as the Cathay app.
  • When there is new activity in Strava’s cloud, the Cathay app retrieves it automatically and your progress towards daily goals and other eligible activities will increase.

Once new activity information is available in Strava’s cloud, it may take up to an hour for it to be retrieved by the Cathay app. You can see the last time Cathay app checked for new activity in any of your connected apps and devices by:

activity tracking step 1

Click on the "watch" icon on top right corner of the Dashboard.

activity tracking step 2

Click on your "Connected" device.

activity tracking step 3

View the recently synced activity.


B) Troubleshooting:

If your device is not syncing to the Cathay app, you can try the following:

  • First, ensure that your device's operating system and the Sprout at Work app are both up to date.
  • Next, try to manually trigger a sync of your device
  1. Manually trigger a sync of your data to the Strava app. Please refer to the Strava for Android or Strava for iPhone page for details. 
  2. Manually trigger the Cathay app to check for new Strava activity by:

    troubleshoot step 1

    Click on the "watch" icon on top right corner of the Dashboard.

    troubleshoot step 2

    Click on your " Connected" device to check the Last synced time.

    troubleshoot step 3

    Click on the "sync" icon to collect the latest data.



C) Sync error

To disconnect:

  1. Disconnect this device

    Click on the "!" icon on top right corner of the Dashboard.

    Click the device which shows “Sync fail”

    Click “Disconnect”. Once the device is disconnected, then connect again

  2. Close the Cathay app
  3. Go to the Strava website ( and clear permissions to the Cathay app (Settings > My Apps > Revoke Access to the right of the application).

To connect again:
After disconnecting, Select the Cathay app > Wellness > Enter “wellness journey”> Click on the “watch” icon on top right and enter “Connect devices or apps” > select a device to connect > click “Connect” to proceed.