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How do I track my stretch goal in my wellness journey?

The stretch goal currently supports data captured from the Apple Health, Google Fit  apps only.

Some things to note:

  • The daily goal will be reset daily at 00:00 Hong Kong time (GMT+8).  
  • You’ll have up to 7 days to sync your activity data with the Asia Miles by Cathay app.
  • Goals can be tracked by different wearable devices by selecting the activity on your device.

To sync your daily goal activity:

  1. Sync your activity data with the wearable device app.
  2. Your updated activity data will be automatically synced with the Asia Miles by Cathay app and available on the daily goal page.
  3. If you find that some activity data is missing in the Asia Miles by Cathay app, tap “See my tracking device or apps” > “Sync data” to sync your activity data again.

Apple watch: Select "Cooldown" or "Flexibility" on your watch



To check your activity data in the wearable device app

Apple Health:

Open the Apple Health app

Under “Flexibility”, check that the stretch data from your Apple Watch has been synced with the Apple Health app.

Google Fit:

Open the Google Fit app

Under “Calisthenics”, check that data from your wearable device has been synced with the app. 


If you’re having any synchronisation issues, please visit the device’s official website for more details.