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Kuala Lumpur International


Check-in counter

Terminal 1, Row K

Opening hours

From 3 hours before scheduled flight departure time

(Check-in counters are closed punctually 60 minutes before scheduled departure time)

In-town check-in

Location: KLIA Ekspres Departure Hall, KL Sentral Station (a KLIA Ekspres or KLIA transit ticket is required to enter the check-in area)
Service hours: 05:45 - 11:10, 12:10 - 15:45, daily


  • For travel on a Cathay Pacific flight on the same day
  • For more details about KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services, please visit their website

(In-town check-in counters are closed punctually 2 hours before scheduled departure time)


Baggage Guidelines for departure at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

In accordance with the Malaysia Airports check-in baggage guidelines, baggage must comply with the standards below:

  • Has at least one flat surface
  • Within the maximum total dimension of 1000 mm x 750 mm x 600 mm and 32kg in weight per piece (subject to airline baggage allowance and restrictions as per flight ticket conditions)
  • With a minimum dimension of 250 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm and 4kg in weight per piece. In such case, the baggage will need to be placed in a plastic bin at the check-in counter

Baggage must not be:

  • Round or irregular shaped
  • Strapped with any kind of rope
  • Attached with any straps of substantial length
  • Attached with any expired baggage tags
  • Durian either in cabin baggage or check-in luggage

For more information, please click here.

Transfer Desk

Transfer desk has resumed.

Self-service facilities

Automaten für Check-in und Gepäckanhänger
Automat für Check-in, Bordkarte und Gepäckanhänger. Weitere Informationen.
Hinweis: Wenn Sie einen Online-Check-in gemacht haben, können Sie direkt zum Automaten für Ihre Gepäckanhänger gehen und dann zur Gepäckaufgabe.

Lounge Goldene Satellitenlounge von Malaysia Airlines

Visit the website for more details.