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What are the preferences offered in Downloadable Timetable?

Following are the 4 options currently available:

  • Preference 1: This displays all our flights flying to and from one city to all our other destinations, including all direct and connecting flights. (Total file size: around 400K for the first download)
  • Preference 2: This only shows the flights of the selected 3 cities we cover to and from another of our 5 destinations. (Total file size: around 100K)
  • Preference 3: This displays all direct flights to and from all our destinations. (Total file size: around 250K for the first download - this is the default option)
  • Preference 4: This does not download any schedule information. (Total file size: around 70K)

Depending on the preference you select, it would take 3-10 minutes to download our Timetable if you are using a 56K modem.