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Tentang Online Check-In

Online Check -In allows you to check in online for your flights on Cathay Pacific , Cathay Dragon and any eligible onward flight connection. You can:

  • Select your flights
  • Select your seat
  • Print out your Check-In Confirmation page with the boarding pass image

Semua penumpang pemilik Tiket Elektronik. Kecuali:

  • Penumpang yang membutuhkan Bantuan Medis
  • Penumpang yang membutuhkan Usungan
  • Penumpang yang meminta "Kursi untuk Bagasi Kabin"
  • Penumpang yang meminta "Kursi Tambahan"
  • Penumpang yang bepergian dalam grup dan telah terdaftar sebagai sebuah grup pada saat pemesanan

Untuk melakukan online check in, dokumen perjalanan Anda harus setidaknya berlaku 6 bulan dari tanggal kepulangan Anda.

Untuk detail perihal syarat masa berlaku passport untuk perjalanan ke destinasi Anda, harap kunjungi IATA Travel Centre.

*Hal ini merupakan tanggung jawab penumpang untuk memastikan masa berlaku Visa Masuk atau Visa Transit sebelum memasuki atau meninggalkan negara destinasi atau stopover.

Online check in tersedia untuk:

  • Seluruh penerbangan Cathay Pacific dan Cathay Dragon, termasuk penerbangan afiliasi yang dioperasikan oleh Cathay Pacific / Cathay Dragon
  • Pengecualiannya adalah pesawat carter, kereta dan penerbangan afiliasi yang dioperasikan oleh maskapai penerbangan mitra kami.

Up to 8 flights will be displayed for you to check in anytime. You can check them in one by one.

Yes, where possible, you can check in for connecting flights with other airlines as long as the first sector is Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon. Please note these check-ins are subject to other airline policies and restrictions

Yes, you can check in your travelling companions if you make your bookings together, provided they share the same booking reference as yours in our record.

There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to check in online.

  1. You are not holding e-Ticket.
  2. It is possible that you are checking in for your flight out of the normal sequence of your itinerary. You must check in for flights in the same sequence of your itinerary for e.g., if your flight itinerary is as follows:
    Hong Kong - Vancouver - New York

    You must check in for Hong Kong - Vancouver prior to checking in for Vancouver - New York.

    This also applies for tickets issued on partner carriers where the partner carrier flight is the first sector for e.g.,
    American Airlines: Dallas - New York
    Cathay Pacific: New York - Hong Kong

    In this case, you must check in on the partner carrier American Airlines flight first to be able to check in for the subsequent Cathay Pacific flight.

  3. The following types of passengers are not allowed to check in online and must proceed to the airport for check-in:
    * Passengers requiring Medical Assistance
    * Unaccompanied Minors
    * Passengers travelling in a group and are registered as a group in the booking
    * Passengers whose ticket requires some additional payment
  • If you have an advance seat reservation, your requested seat will be automatically assigned during check in. Should you wish to change your seat, you can select the change seat option on the confirmation page or contact our Airport Services Staff at your departure airport.
  • If you do not have an advance seat reservation and have difficulty viewing the seat map, it is possible that this is because of an incompatible browser. We have designed our site to be compatible with most browsers, but we recommend using Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, or Netscape 4.5 and above as older versions of these browsers are unable to view or support the latest Internet technology (such as dynamic layers, JavaScript and SSL).

Passengers must hold Cathay Pacific Airways or Cathay Dragon issued e-Ticket to use Online Check-In.

Online Check-In is currently available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and Simplified Chinese.

Yes, simply check in your baggage when collecting your boarding pass at the Self Check-In Bag Drop Counters at the departure airport.

For the Club / Asia Miles members and registered users of and e-ticket holders, Online Check-In is available beginning 48 hours up to 90 minutes before the flight departure time.

The following are some likely reasons:

  • You are not holding e-Ticket.
  • You might have forgotten to provide, or your travel agent has not entered, your Marco Polo Club / Asia Miles membership number at the time of reservation. Please call our Global Contact Centres Centre or proceed directly to the airport to complete your check-in procedures.
  • If you have just purchased a ticket online at, you need to wait for approximately 30 minutes before your latest booking is activated within our Online Check-In system. Please try again later.
  • You have no flights departing within 48 hours.

Yes, you can check in your infant. Please ensure you enter your child's name and age in the Check-In record and associate him/her to an adult passenger in the booking.