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    Meet Hong Kong's Lego masters
    Exploring the city’s subcultures, Anshel Ma meets Hong Kong's Lego masters Kenny Sham, Andy Hung and Jared Chan
    Hong Kong lego masters
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    It’s not much of an exaggeration to say Lego is part of everyone’s childhood. But as much as kids enjoy playing with the plastic bricks, real obsessions are usually found in adults, who are able to seriously invest in the hobby of Lego building. And in Hong Kong, the obsession runs especially deep.

    ‘Lego has been operating in Hong Kong for 30 years now, and local brick masters are always chasing perfection,’ says Kenny Sham, senior marketing manager at Lego Hong Kong. ‘This has made the city one of the most mature markets in the region today.’

    Lego exhibits appear often in Hong Kong’s shopping malls thanks to a strong fan base as well as the Lego company’s efforts. Aficionados are drawn together by their passion, meeting every week to build together. And every few months they organise large-scale gatherings, forming a wide community of Lego devotees.

    Legend Bricks, one of the four largest Lego fan clubs in Hong Kong, has been collaborating with the brand. The group’s former ambassador Andy Hung is one of the world’s 14 Lego Certified Professionals and the only one in Greater China. ‘The director at Lego invited me to apply for the position after an exhibition of my work at Times Square mall in 2012,’ he says. ‘I went through rounds of competitions and interviews before being appointed by Lego headquarters in Denmark. Our mission is to bring the past-time to a wider audience through promotions and competitions.’

    Serious Lego clubs are exclusive, though. ‘There is friendly competition between clubs; this is how we improve,’ says current Legend Bricks ambassador Jared Chan. ‘Everyone can follow us on Facebook, but only those who are invited can join the club. Having a passion for Lego isn’t enough; we also select members based on personality. After all, it’s only fun if you get along with those you build with.’ 

    Hero image: Calvin Sit

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