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About the programme

Integrating aviation know-how with the essence of social service, the I Can Fly programme is designed to encourage young people to fly high and reach their dreams.

There are three key features of the programme:

1. Aviation training and visits

The I Can Fly programme provides rare behind-the-scenes access to the aviation industry. Led by Cathay employee volunteers, the 3-month academy covers a range of aviation topics and explores the daily operations of the aviation business, from aircraft engineering to passenger service. Past participants have visited various aviation-related organisations such as the Government Flying Service (GFS), Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (HAECO) and the Civil Aviation Department (CAD), enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the aviation industry.

2. Social service projects

Beyond “receiving” new knowledge of aviation, participants also learn to “contribute” to society. We design and implement a diversified social service projects, allowing participants to get themselves acquainted with social issues, give full play to their strengths, make contributions to our society and give a helping hand to people in need with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

3. Aviation experiential trip

As a token of recognition, participants who perform outstandingly will be invited to join an aviation experiential trip and visit different aviation-related organisations during the summer holiday.