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Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

Learn more about the GBA, its significance and how to connect to it the next time you travel with us.

Connect to the Greater Bay Area with premium, high-speed ferry services

Enjoy seamless, high-speed ferry transfers from Hong Kong International Airport's SkyPier to the Greater Bay Area, via our codeshare partnership with CKS and Cotai Water Jet.

Note: While COVID-19 has put this service on hold for now, we look forward to resuming our codeshare ferry transfers soon. 

<h2 style="text-align: left; font-size: 32px;">How it works</h2>

How it works

Book your trip as you normally do via the panel below. Select your desired Greater Bay Area destination as your origin or destination (please refer to the ferry port codes below). Your booking will include both your flight and your ferry ticket as well as the benefit of through-checked baggage. 

<b>Passengers to Greater Bay Area:</b>

Passengers to Greater Bay Area:

Once you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport, proceed to the E2 transfer counter at the airport arrival hall to collect your ferry ticket 60 minutes before ferry departure. Proceed to the SkyPier for ferry departure, then enjoy your air-to-sea transfer to your Greater Bay Area destination.

<b>Passengers from Greater Bay Area:</b>

Passengers from Greater Bay Area:

After you arrive at Hong Kong International Airport from the Greater Bay Area, please proceed through security to your designated boarding gate, using the pass issued at the beginning of your journey.  You can check in your bags at the check-in counters at the ferry port and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

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Booking of more than 9 passengers is currently not available online. Please contact your local reservations office.

Booking of more than 4 passengers is currently not available online. Please contact your local reservations office.


What is the Greater Bay Area?

Located at the mouth of the Pearl River in Southern China, the Greater Bay Area (also referred to as the Pearl River Delta) is made up of nine cities in Guangdong Province along with the Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macau. 

A rapidly expanding megalopolis

Home to over 70 million people, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area is one of the most populous regions in Asia.

It is also one of the fastest growing. 

Bay Areas of the world

Throughout history, very few things have been as important to the growth of major cities than a strategically signifcant body of water. 

From Asia to the Americas, here are a couple of well known metropolitan areas that are easily accessed by boat (among other things).

Greater Tokyo Area

Population ~ 38M
Tokyo, Chiba, Kawasaki, Sagamihara, Saitama, Yokohama

San Francisco Bay Area

Population ~ 8M
San Francisco, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, San Jose, Sunnyvale

A quick guide to the Greater Bay Area

Whether you’re travelling to the Greater Bay Area for business or leisure, an air-plus-ferry fare means you’ll enjoy a convenient, timely transfer with the benefit of through-checked luggage. View more details about our seven high-speed ferry ports – with journey times and port codes – below.


A high-tech economic powerhouse across the border from Hong Kong, Shenzhen boasts green spaces, entertainment districts, and two convenient ferry ports.

Ferry port: Shekou, Shenzhen (ZYK)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 30 minutes
Ferry port: Shenzhen Airport, Fuyong (FYG) Voyage time from SkyPier: 50 minutes


With more than 2,000 years of history, the famed capital of Guangdong Province and its largest city continues to be a commercial hub and major port in the Pearl River Delta.

Ferry port: Lianhuashan, Guangzhou (ZIY)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 100 minutes

Nansha (Guangzhou)

Facing the mouth of the Pearl River, Nansha and its signature Tin Hau Palace temple grounds is home to the port of Guangzhou and the Nansha Wetland Park.

Ferry port: Nansha, Guangzhou (NSZ)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 70 minutes


It might be nicknamed ‘The Las Vegas of Asia’ but Macau possesses a distinct character borne of its mixed Chinese and Portuguese heritage. This is evident in its diverse food and unique architecture.

Taipa Ferry port: Macau / Taipa (YFT)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 65 minutes

Humen (Dongguan)

The Port of Humen – an important logistics gateway to the Greater Bay Area – serves industrious Dongguan, and is dotted by historic Qing dynasty forts like Weiyuan Fort.

Ferry port: Humen, Dongguan (ZTI)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 90 minutes


One of China’s premier tourism destinations Zhuhai, often called the Chinese Riviera, borders Macao, and is famous for its scenic settings and high quality of life.

Ferry port: Jiuzhou, Zhuhai (ZUI)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 70 minutes


A leafy city of hot spring resorts and monuments, Zhongshan is a growing manufacturing and research centre, named after local-born Dr Sun Yat-sen.

Ferry port: Zhongshan (ZGN)
Voyage time from SkyPier: 70 minutes

*Between Hong Kong SkyPier and Macau: Ferry with CX 4-digit flight number operated by Cotai Water Jet (8C)
For more information and boarding requirements, please visit the Cotai Water Jet websiteTerms and Conditions for Cotai Water Jet

*Between Hong Kong SkyPier and the Greater Bay Area (Except Macau): Ferry with CX 4-digit flight number operated by CKS (3A)
For more information on ferry schedules and boarding requirements, please visit the CKS websiteTerms and Conditions for CKS

Travelling to the GBA

When travelling by ferry between Hong Kong International Airport and the Pearl River Delta, you will enjoy easy, seamless connections via the airport's SkyPier. Ferry destinations from the SkyPier include Macao (the Maritime Ferry terminal or Taipa terminal), Shenzhen (Shekou or Fuyong), Dongguan Humen, Guangzhou (Lianhuashan or Nansha), Zhongshan, and Zhuhai Jiuzhou.

Learn more here.

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