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Hearing or speech impaired passengers

Find out more about travelling with hearing aids and other devices, as well as advice for passengers with speech impediments 

Travelling with a hearing impairment

Passengers who use hearing aids, special headsets, audio receivers, or other battery assisted listening devices may bring these on board any Cathay Pacific flight without giving advance notice. You can use these devices throughout the flight.

Please note that you must supply your own power source for these devices that meets all applicable regulations.

Assistance for hearing impaired travellers

We are happy to provide the following assistance for hearing impaired passengers:

  • Meet-and-assist service to escort you to and from the aircraft
  • Individual safety briefings
  • Subtitles on our inflight safety videos
  • Priority boarding

If you have a service dog that you wish to travel alongside please contact our local reservations office. You can also find out more in our service animals section.

If you wish to use a transmitting device during your flight please let us know 48 hours prior to travel so we can check it complies with our safety regulations.

Tele-text/ Text telephone service (TTS)

Tele-text or text telephone service is available for passengers with hearing impairment in North America.

For passengers in North America who use tele-text or text telephone service, you can reach our reservations centre by calling 711 to place a relay call.

Speech-impaired passengers 

While we do not require any special documentation for travel with us or notification prior to departure, passengers with speech impairment may wish to request assistance at check-in or with boarding. 

Please notify our reservations office 72 hours prior to departure so that arrangements can be made.