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What else are Cathay Pacific doing to manage emissions?

Cathay uses multiple levers to decarbonize our flight operations, including carbon offsets through Gold Standard-aligned projects, improvements of fleet/operating efficiency, and the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

To optimise our fuel efficiency, we have set up a fuel monitoring system and implemented frequent engine core washing. Over the years, we have also acquired more fuel-efficient aircrafts, including the Airbus A350-1000s and A321neo. Through the use of newer and more energy-efficient aircraft and operational improvements such as single-engine taxiing, we have seen an accumulative fuel efficiency improvement of 28% since 1998.

Cathay is one of the first airlines to invest in the technology behind sustainable aviation fuel, committing to the 10% SAF target out of total jet fuel use in 2030. Deploying an increasing volume of SAF will further play a key role for achieving Cathay’s net zero emission goal by 2050, while this requires broader collaborations with global and regional stakeholders in the SAF value chain. Please read more in our SAF page.

To learn more about how we are combating climate change, view our latest Sustainable Development Report.