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What to do in Hong Kong Airport with a 90-minute layover

A taste of Hong Kong: Your 90-minute transit itinerary

You’re passing through one of the world’s greatest cities but your connecting flight leaves you with only an hour and a half in the airport. Fear not: here’s what to do at Hong Kong International Airport on a short layover.

1. Head into the action

  Allow 10 minutes

Head straight to the main departures concourse area by the low-numbered gates, where you’ll find restaurants and shops, all conveniently clustered together. 


And don’t forget to sign up for HKIA’s loyalty programme, ⁠HKairport Rewards, to earn points and rewards for your spending at the airport.

3. Refuel and recharge

Allow 25 minutes


Feeling peckish? You’re spoilt for choice with the range of cuisines on offer. For a taste of authentic Hong Kong food, swing by Men Wah Bing Teng, where you can indulge in signature ‘bing sutt’ dishes such as BBQ pork with egg and rice, and a range of freshly made ‘siu mei’ or Hong Kong-style roasted meat. With a quick turnaround time, you’ll have ample time to relish your meal at a leisurely pace


If you’re in the mood for Taiwanese, head to ⁠Yuan is Here for authentic street food in a flash – think braised pork rice, Taiwanese popcorn chicken and sweet taro balls. Just don’t forget to grab a bubble tea.


For a tantalising pre-flight treat, enjoy a gourmet burger and chips from Hong Kong favourite ⁠Beef & Liberty. The menu features a generous range of vegetarian and vegan options alongside their much-loved beef burgers. 


Alternatively, choose to grab-and-go with a sandwich or sweet treat at ⁠Maison Kayser, with two locations near Gate 6 and 25, where the finest quality artisanal pastries and breads are all baked in-house, or with a coffee from Starbucks or Hong Kong’s own Pacific Coffee.

3. Pick up last-minute supplies

Allow 15 minutes


The airport’s first autonomous convenience store, travelwell makes for a handy pitstop before you fly. Simply tap your credit card as you enter, pick up all the drinks, snacks and souvenirs your heart desires, and then head straight to your gate. Smart tracking technology means you won’t waste time waiting in line to pay.


Looking for a holiday read? With international magazines and bestselling books in both English and Chinese, Relay offers a wealth of choices. Grab a magazine for the plane, an inspirational book for hotel lounging or a juicy novel for the beach.

4. Get set for the jet

  Allow 40 minutes

We recommend that you arrive at your gate at least 30 minutes before departure, so allow plenty of time to get there. If you are departing from Gates 40 to 80,  the automated people mover will get you there in a flash.