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Connecting you to the world

Connecting you to the world

Fly via Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific


A global hub in the heart of Asia

You can easily reach some of the world's most exciting destinations through Hong Kong, our home city.


Our reliable, on-time connections and smooth, convenient transfers will make your journey as seamless as possible.


Go even further with our partners: explore the Greater Bay Area with fast travel links, or discover somewhere new with our oneworld network.

Exceptional experiences

If you’re passing through Hong Kong International Airport, make sure to check out our transit itineraries, which have been tailored to suit every length of stay.


Discover the best places to eat, drink and recharge in the 90-minute taste of Hong Kong itinerary.


Keep the kids happy with our 120-minute entertainment at every age itinerary, which offers fun activities for them and a few for you, too.


And finally, there’s the 180-minute relax, refresh & indulge itinerary: the ultimate guide to dining, unwinding and high-end shopping at the Hong Kong International Airport.

Hong Kong delights

Lounge guests can sample the unique flavours of Hong Kong with each visit.


Savour regional dishes from Hong Kong and China in our lounge dining areas, and keep an eye out for our Hong Kong Flavours collection featuring local favourites and special restaurant collaborations.


Pair your meal with a bottle of Betsy Beer, our home-crafted pale ale, or sip on delicate seasonal tea varieties at Teahouse.

Relax and recharge in our lounges

Our award-winning lounges offer the perfect sanctuary to rest, rejuvenate and catch up on work between each leg of your journey.


Retreat to a private cabana, indulge in a refreshing beverage or unwind with a massage – each experience has been designed with your comfort in mind.


If you're looking to refuel, our lounges offer delicious local and international cuisine. Sample freshly made dan dan noodles, char siu buns and wontons from our popular Noodle Bar.

There at every step

Enhanced digital services and 24/7 customer support will make your transit experience as seamless as possible.


The Cathay Pacific app gives you access to all your flight information in a single place. You can efficiently check in for your journey, or customise your trip with upgraded cabins, extra legroom seats or booking a lounge pass.


For additional support, our virtual assistant, Vera, is always ready to help with any booking queries, while our teams on the ground are also there to assist you with any travel needs, from disability requirements to special assistance for unaccompanied minors.

Please note that experiences may vary due to operational requirements.