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We welcome families travelling with infants, which are defined as children aged between 7 days and up to 24 months old.

Ticketing options

There are two types of tickets that can be booked if you are travelling with young children under 12 years of age: infant or child. These are available for booking on our website or by calling our Customer Care.

Ticket type Booked seat Baggage allowance Age requirement
Infant No booked seat

See baggage allowance for full details and extra allowances.

Infant must be under 24 months old throughout the whole journey*
Child With booked seat Any age up to 12 years old


If the infant turns two years old before the return trip, you will need to pay the applicable child fare, tax, fee and charges. 

Usually the infant ticket price is calculated from a discount applied to an adult ticket. If the adult ticket doesn’t offer an infant discount, the next higher fare that offers the discount will be used as the base for calculation. The infant ticket is also subject to fare rules and conditions.

Flying with an infant under 24 months old

A healthy, newborn infant is ready to travel with us after the first week of delivery (7 days old). We require a parent or guardian (aged 18 or above) to travel in the same cabin as the infant at all times.

If your child is 2 years old or above, please see our information about flying with children or as an unaccompanied minor.

Travelling with more than one infant

If you are travelling with more than one infant on board, please note that each parent or guardian may bring a maximum of two infants.

  • One of the two infants must reach 6 months old and occupy an infant car safety seat. The applicable child fare will be charged
  • The other infant must be secured onto the parent or guardian with a child restraint device. Infant fare will be charged
  • The parent or guardian should bring their own infant car safety seat, which must comply with the Safety seats and devices
  • These conditions are subject to aircraft type. Some car safety seats, child restraint devices and CARES harnesses are not able to be used on our seats due to safety requirements. For further information, please contact our reservation office. See safety seats and devices

Flying tips

To help you prepare for your journey, we’ve compiled a list of useful tips to make you and your infant’s trip as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to check our list of  restricted items before you leave home.

Diaper changing tables

Each aircraft has at least two toilets with fold-down tables for changing diapers.

Infant food and breastfeeding

All our flights are stocked with baby food. See our  special meals menu.

Breastfeeding your baby is allowed during all phases of flight. If you wish to use electric breast pumps while on board, you can do so after the announcement that electronic devices could be switched on, and up until the seat belt sign is switched on before landing. The pumps must be stowed for take-off, taxiing and landing.

If you bring personal food items on board, please note that we cannot reheat or chill them due to hygiene reasons. You can request a container with hot water to warm your food items. Please pack food or expressed milk that require refrigeration in a cool bag or a vacuum flask. If you plan to bring dry ice (up to 2.5 kg /5.5 lb), please ensure it is suitably packed to allow CO2 gases to evaporate freely, and let us know during check-in.

For more information, please see  CDC Travel recommendationsOpen a new window.

Bassinets, safety seats, and safety devices

You can bring your own personal car safety seats if they meet our specifications. Due to safety requirements, some aircrafts may not be able to accommodate your car safety seat.

If you do not want to purchase an extra seat for your infant or child, they may travel with you as long as you use the appropriate safety device. Please let us know if you wish to use a child restraint device – which secures your infant or child onto you during the flight for their safety – when you make your reservation with us.

See safety seats and devices

Seating location

There are emergency seat locations in the plane which are not suitable for parents and guardians with infants. Please check with our Customer Care or your travel agent that your seats have the right safety precautions when you make the reservation. 

See aircraft seating plans 

More tips for stress-free flying

  • Speak with a paediatrician before your flight to make sure your infant is ready to fly
  • Bring the right documents: don’t forget your infant’s birth certificate and passport
  • Pack the essentials: remember to pack everything your infant will need during the flight, including wipes, food, snacks, diapers, medication, swaddle blankets, an extra change of clothing, toys and plastic bags to dispose of any soiled items
  • Ease any discomfort: encourage your infant to drink something or suck on a pacifier during take-off and landing. This helps to protect them from ear pain due to pressure changes

Please contact our Customer Care or your travel agent and let us know of any special requirements you may have for your infant.