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    Cathay Pacific
    How to earn Status Points for your Cathay membership
    Booking flights isn’t the only option: you can upgrade earn points via your credit card, too
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    When you join our membership programme, you start reaping the rewards immediately. Most of our customers start as Green members, which comes with perks such as priority online check-in and the ability to use your miles to reserve extra legroom seats. 

    As you accumulate more Status Points, you upgrade your membership and unlock even more benefits. You need 300 points to reach Silver, 600 for Gold and 1,200 for Diamond – which comes with maximum advantages including First class lounge access and VIP access to exclusive events.  

    You’ll also get mid-tier benefits for reaching a certain number of points, including bookable upgrades and lounge passes. Find out more about the benefits here.  

    But how do you earn Status Points? 

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    Explore the world 

    Each flight you take with us or one of our oneworld partners will earn you Status Points. The number of points is determined by a combination of airline, cabin, fare class and distance travelled.  

    For a Business (J or C fare class) flight to Beijing, you would earn 40 points each way, while a Premium Economy flight to San Francisco would earn you 75 points each way – in other words, take two trips to the West Coast in a year and you’ve automatically reached Silver membership. 

    You can easily calculate your points ahead of time using the Status Points Calculator. Points you earn will also be shown at the time of booking and saved for your reference in Manage booking and in our Asia Miles by Cathay app.

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    Harness your everyday spending habits 

    But it’s no longer just flying that earns you Status Points. Next time you dine out, book a hotel, reserve concert tickets or purchase a brand new smart TV – you could be earning both Asia Miles and also points towards your membership upgrade.  

    With the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard®, you can earn Status Points with every dollar you spend. For every HKD100,000 you spend on eligible transactions such as dining, shopping and entertainment, you’ll receive 20 Status Points – up to a maximum of 100 points each calendar year, which will be credited to your membership account by 31 March of the following year. That makes it a great way to reach your next membership or mid-status benefit, just with your everyday spending. 

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    The shortcut to lounge access 

    If you’re interested in travel benefits such as access to our award-winning Business class lounges or priority at the airport, then sign up for the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard - Priority Banking or Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard - Priority Private – these credit cards grant you lounge passes and priority check-in and boarding, in addition to the Status Points you can earn.