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1. What is Google Now?

2. What can I see on the Google Now?

3. Who can receive the flight information via Google Now?

4. What will I need if I want to see the Google Now notification?

5. How do I enable the notification via Google Now?

6. When will I receive the Google Now notification?

7. When will I receive the latest departure and arrival time?

8. Is the flight status on the Google Now real-time? What happened if there is a change of departure time or arrival time?

9. Why can’t I receive the Google Now notification even when using a Gmail address?

10. What if I make reservation within 48 hours of departure time? Or if there is any booking change or cancellation within 48 hours?

11. Can I use the Google Now notification as Mobile Boarding Pass to board flight?

12. Can Google Now notification serve as booking confirmation?

13. If two passengers in the same booking use the same Gmail address, how many notifications will be prompted?