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How do I request for a receipt?

For tickets purchased through our call centre in Japan, our airport office in Japan (except Sapporo and Okinawa) or Cathay Pacific Website, receipts can be requested at tyo_receipt@cathaypacific.com. We cannot issue the receipt for the ticket which is purchased through travel agent. Please contact your travel agent directly.

Please provide the following information only (as we will not be able to handle other requests through this email):

  • Your ticket number (i.e. 160-2345678901)
  • Your name as shown on the ticket (i.e.: Suzuki/Taro Mr)
  • Your email address where to send the receipt to

Your request be processed within the next 48 hours. If the details you have provided are incorrect, we will not be able to issue a receipt for you. 

Note: Receipts can only be issued for tickets purchased within Japan for departure from Japan or for tickets purchased via Cathay Pacific Website. 


Applicable period

The receipt issuance is available  for tickets for the period between  the date of issuance  and  up to 45days after the last flight departure date of  the ticket.

Applicable Ticket

Tickets purchased through Tokyo Reservation centre , our airport office in Japan (except Sapporo and Okinawa) or  Cathay Pacific Website. Rebooking fee , Fare difference and the other  Fees receipts  are  not available with this service. Please ask us know when you contact Tokyo call centre for those  changes. If you purchase your ticket through travel agents or their website, please contact your agents directly. For the award tickets, please contact mileage service centre.

Payment Methods

Payment Location

Receipt Publishing Service





Credit Card Payment

Japan Branch of Cathay Pacific Airways

(Tokyo Call Centre and Airport ticketing counter.  Narita, Haneda, Chubu Centrair, Kansai, Fukuoka)


Tickets purchased through Cathay Pacific website  which depature city is originated from Japan




Necessary Information-①Passenger Name ②E-Ticket Number ③Receipt destination Email address. 

Please note we cannot issue a receipt if there is description of the other information.

Tickets purchased through Cathay Pacific Web site which departure city originated not in Japan


Please do request in same way as described above,  however to become a sales abroad, flight departure from foreign countries will be receipt of treatment our headquarters.

Please note address it will be the issuance of only the name of the passenger.

ATM Payment

ATM such as


The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ


Please use as a receipt of the specification to be issued upon payment by ATM .

*Addressee of the receipt will be issued in blank, please fill in accordingly. For the ticket departure from foreign countries is not considered as  Japan sales and receipt will be issued in accordance with our Head office format  which is the receipt will be issued  under passengers name only. We cannot issue one receipt for two or more tickets in total as one receipt.

  • A receipt of Rebooking, Fare difference, the other fee and Refund Fee are not available this service. Please let us know when you contact to Tokyo Call Centre for changes or refund action.
  • Please note tickets are purchased our overseas city branch and airport branch is not covered in this service.
  • Please check
  • Receipt of the ticket that is already refund cannot be issued.

How to use

Please send  3 necessary information (①Passenger Name②E-Ticket number③Receipt destination E-mail  address at tyo_receipt@cathaypacific.com

Not be able to respond if there are contents other than above three. We cannot reply to any queries through this email address..