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The Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles

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1. What is Asia Miles and how do I benefit from joining?

2. What are the criteria for joining Asia Miles?

3. How can I join Asia Miles?

4. How can I earn Asia Miles?

5. When will I receive my Asia Miles membership card?

6. Can I share an Asia Miles account with my family?

7. How can I redeem Asia Miles awards?

8. How do I claim missing airline miles?

9. How can I change my password?

10. How do I claim missing non-airline miles?

11. What should I do if I lose my Marco Polo Club membership card?

12. How can I change the name on my Marco Polo Club/Asia Miles account?

13. What if I have forgotten my password, membership number and username?

14. What online services are available to members of The Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles?

15. What are the benefits of joining The Marco Polo Club?

16. How can I join The Marco Polo Club?

17. How is The Marco Polo Club structured?

18. When will I receive my Green membership card for the new membership year?

19. How can I access the member's area or Cathay Pacific's online services?

20. Why should I fill in "Contact Information" or "More About You" in my Marco Polo Club membership profile?

21. How do I update my membership details?

22. Will the latest Club or Asia Miles update, promotions and offers be available on my Marco Polo Club Account?

23. When will my Asia Miles expire?

24. How can I earn Club miles and Club sectors?

25. Where can I find my Marco Polo club account balance?

26. How can I calculate how many Asia Miles I will earn from my flight itinerary?

27. How do I claim the Asia Miles that I have earned but have not yet been reflected in my account?

28. Why didn't I earn any Asia Miles or Club miles on air travel?

29. Can anyone else view my personal information and transactions?

30. What is a membership period?

31. What does "Total Club miles/sectors since joining" mean?

32. Is it necessary for me to log on again after leaving the member's area without logging out?

33. Is it necessary for me to log on again for other online services at cathaypacific.com?

34. What is oneworld?

35. What is the difference between The Marco Polo Club and Asia Miles?

36. Can I earn Club miles/Club sectors and the reward currency of another frequent flyer programme when flying with any oneworld alliance airlines?

37. Can I earn and redeem Club miles/ Club sectors when flying with Cathay Pacific if I have signed up with another frequent flyer programme?

38. Is there an annual fee or renewal fee for The Marco Polo Club membership?

39. How can I waive the joining fee?

40. Can my joining fee be refunded?

41. What is the difference between Club miles and Asia Miles?

42. Can I transfer my Asia Miles to Club miles to renew/upgrade my Marco Polo Club membership tier?

43. What happens to the Asia Miles I’ve earned if I want to join The Marco Polo Club?

44. Will my Marco Polo Club membership account be automatically terminated?

45. Why have my Club miles and Club sectors been reset to zero?

46. How do I change my Redemption Group?

47. How can I renew my Asia Miles before they expire, and how long does it take?

48. Can I earn Club miles or Club sectors for those flights taken prior to my Marco Polo Club enrolment date?

49. I know that I can convert my loyalty points from different hotels into Asia Miles, however do miles earned this way also count as Club miles too?

50. How secure are my transactions and personal information on cathaypacific.com?

51. How is my privacy protected?

52. What information do you collect and how do you use it?

53. Does The Marco Polo Club share my data with third parties for marketing promotions etc?

54. I don’t want The Marco Polo Club to share my data/personal details/membership information with any third party. How can I ensure this?

55. I just applied for a Cathay Pacific Credit Card/Asia Miles co-branded credit card. Am I automatically enrolled in The Marco Polo Club?

56. Can the American Express® Cathay Pacific Credit Card be used in place of my Marco Polo Club membership card?

57. Can the RBC Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum Card be used in place of my Marco Polo Club membership card?