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1. Why should I purchase a package from your website?

2. What is the maximum number of travellers I can include when making a booking?

3. What is the maximum number of rooms I can add when making a booking?

4. When does the contract of the package become effective?

5. If special assistance (such as wheelchair or mobility aids) during the trip is required, should I request for assistance when making the booking?

6. Can I put my name on the waiting list if the package that I want to book is full?

7. Can I book packages via phone, email or on your website?

8. Once I have booked a package, when will I receive the confirmation email, travel itinerary and e-ticket?

9. How do I settle payment for the package?

10. If I am booking for more than one traveller, can I settle the payment for each traveller individually?

11. How can I cancel my booking?

12. Is there a cancellation charge and if yes, how will it be applied?

13. If the name used for booking the package differs from the name on the traveller’s passport, what should I do?

14. Can I change the details of the package after the booking has been completed?

15. Can I add or reduce the number of travellers?

16. Can I choose different ports for departure and arrival?

17. Can I select a seat for my flight in advance?

18. Can I earn Asia Miles by taking Cathay Pacific flights?

19. Can I earn miles or points for other airlines by travelling on Cathay Pacific?

20. Can I share the hotel room with other travellers who are departing from different ports or on a different day?

21. Can I choose to stay at a hotel for part of the trip?