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Travel health and safety

Learn more about how to plan ahead if you have a health condition, and find out how we create the safest possible environment for our passengers.

Inflight safety

At Cathay Pacific, your safety is our highest priority. To help everyone on board to enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey, please follow our advice below and the instruction of our crew inflight.

Checking of Boarding Pass

Both Ground Personnel and Cabin Crew play an important role in maintaining the security standards of the aircraft during passenger boarding. For the safety of everyone, Cabin Crew may ask you to present your boarding pass again before entering into the aircraft.

Cabin baggage

If you think that your cabin baggage will be too heavy for you to lift into the overhead cabin, we advise you to check it in. You can read more about cabin baggage weight allowance here – and please be aware that overweight cabin bags will be loaded with checked bags.

Before we take off, remember to close the overhead compartment and take extra care that your baggage inside will not fall out upon opening. So everyone has the room to stow their bags nearby, ask our crew to store your coats and jackets in our aircraft coat closets.

Using electronic devices

For the safety of everyone on board, we always ask you not to use transmitting electronic devices with Bluetooth, WiFi, or other types of remote control, as they will interfere with aircraft navigation, communications, and control systems.

You may use devices after take-off as long as they are in flight-safe mode and have their WiFi and Bluetooth functions disabled. You’re welcome to keep using your equipment until the seatbelt sign is turned on for landing. Devices include computers, mobile phones, and equipment for audio, video, photography, and more. Please note: if our captain feels that your equipment is affecting aircraft systems, we may ask that you turn it off.

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Rules concerning alcohol, needles, and cigarettes

To align with the drinking laws in most countries, we don’t serve alcohol to passengers who are under 18 years old. We do offer complimentary inflight drinks, but we request that you do not drink alcoholic beverages you have brought with you. Please note we reserve the right to stop serving alcoholic drinks to passengers in certain situations.

Smoking is prohibited in all of our aircraft. We have smoke detectors installed in all our toilets, and tampering with the detectors or smoking on board (including e-cigarettes and other simulated smoking devices) can incur a fine and imprisonment.

We have a sharps box on board for used needles and syringes. For your safety and that of other passengers, please use this box for disposal.

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