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You’ll receive an email from Ariba ( with a registration link to join.

You can transact unlimited documents such as:

  • Orders
  • Order confirmation (OC)
  • Advance ship notices (ASN)
  • Service entry sheets (SES)
  • Purchase order (PO)-invoices using PO-Flip (simply converts orders into an e-invoice)
  • Non-PO invoices
  • Credit memos
  • Invoice status notifications
  • Payment proposals
  • Remittance details

While you are not required to register for a particular account type, in some cases we recommend that suppliers choose to transact on the Ariba Network with us using a fee-based Enterprise account due to the historical volume of their transactions, or to leverage certain functionalities. Please visit this page on the Ariba website for more information on the difference between the two accounts.

If you choose to subscribe for a fee-based Enterprise Ariba account, all costs associated with the account are the sole responsibility of your party. We do not cover any costs or fees attributed to you on Ariba Enterprise accounts and only require you to sign up for a free of charge Standard account. 

The Ariba Network is not provided by us. Your use of the Ariba Network is subject to Ariba's applicable terms of use and policies. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your Ariba Network account and access credentials, whether conducted by an employee or a third party. We are not responsible for any data shared on the platform. 

If you’re already using an Enterprise Ariba account with a buyer, we recommend that you continue using it. There's no direct way to change an Ariba subscrption (Enterprise account) to a Standard account. Suppliers who have already registered for a fee-based Enterprise account and are interested in downgrading to a free of charge Standard account should begin the downgrade process by opening a ticket with the Ariba Help Desk and creating a dispute case. 


For more information on how to downgrade your account, please visit this page on the Ariba FAQ. 

Yes, you must register on the Ariba Network to use a Standard account after receiving an email invitation. If you’d like to upgrade to an Enterprise Account later, you’ll have the option to do so.

If you misplace a PO email notification, you have the following options:

  • Request for a resend of the PO email by logging into your Ariba Network Standard account. Follow the steps below to request for the email:
    • Navigate to the home dashboard of your account
    • In the action column next to the PO, click Select -> Send me a copy to take action

To process a purchase order (PO), you need to click the “Process Order” button in the purchase order email notification. After you register or log in to your Ariba Standard account, you’ll be taken to the PO details page, where you can create documents like order confirmations, ship notices, and invoices against the PO.

If you have previously registered for a Standard account or Enterprise account on the Ariba Network to transact with a different client, you will have the option to add the transactions with your new client to your existing account. To add your new purchase orders to your existing account, follow the steps below:

  • In the purchase order email notification, click “Process order” and then click “Log in” on the Standard account landing page.
  • Log in with the administrator username and password for the existing account.

If your confirmation link expired immediately after receiving the email, please log in to your account directly at If the confirmation is accepted, you will be able to view your account. If you’re unable to access your account, you can request to resend the confirmation email.

Credit Notes can also be managed via Ariba Network, in a similar way to invoice submissions.

No, only we can create service entry sheets in the Ariba Network which will be available for you.

These are PO’s that exist before the project goes live. Please note that legacy PO’s will not be included in the Ariba Network.

Yes, by enabling email notifications in your Supplier Ariba Network account settings. 

No, service providers will receive a service entry sheet instead of a goods receipt. 

Yes, you will be able to generate invoice status reports in the Ariba Network depending on your account type. 

  • If you have a Standard Ariba Network account, you can use Workbench to filter invoices and export it to Excel. 

  • If you have an Enterprise Ariba Network account, standard Ariba reports are available for you to export invoice details. 

Yes, you are required to input tax for all invoices, regardless of which country the invoice was generated in.

If the tax rate in the purchase order and invoice don't match, please contact the respective business unit you are in touch with for clarification.  

Offline invoices should only be sent for purchase orders that were not received through the Ariba Network. If the purchase order was received through the Ariba Network, please submit the invoice through the same channel.

No, remittance advice cannot be viewed in the Ariba Network.

Yes, you are required to upload supporting documents for invoice submissions.

The project team is actively encouraging all suppliers to participate, with the aim of minimising manual effort from all parties. In the long term, suppliers who refuse to participate without a valid reason and when there are alternatives in the market may risk losing business with us. There are other streams of the project to automate other processes, but the majority of our supply base is expected to use the Ariba Network.

Learn more about Ariba

For more useful information about Ariba, please visit the Ariba Network Portal for Suppliers.

View this video on Ariba’s website to learn more about why and how to use the platform.