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Sustainable development

Our Approach

Cathay Pacific strives to be one of the world's greatest service brands. We treat every journey of our customers as their most important journey, connecting them to meaningful people, places and experience.

With a forward-thinking attitude, we embrace our responsibility to serve not only our customers, but also the future generations. This ambition laid the foundation of our strong commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainable development. We put the safety and well-being of our people and customers first, and go an extra mile to create value for communities we fly to and reduce our environmental impacts whilst doing so.

In practice, it means that we operate in accordance with high ethical standards and take account of environmental and social considerations when making business decisions. As the home carrier of Hong Kong for over seven decades, we continue to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of our dynamic hometown through our community programmes.


Our Strategy

We prioritise our most material environmental and social impacts in tandem with the areas where our customers and stakeholders expect Cathay Pacific to take a lead. Our Sustainable Development Policy defines the principles and practices that guide our journey to achieving our vision. It ensures environmental, social and economic considerations are included in all business decisions in alignment with our commitment to sustainable development.

Focus areas

Sustainable development policy


Put safety first and provide a safe and healthy environment for our people, customers, and other stakeholders.

Climate change

Lead the industry and contribute to global efforts to reduce aviation’s impact on climate change.

Sustainability in operations

Reduce our consumption of natural resources.
Reduce waste and improve recycling and reuse.
Work with suppliers to implement policies and practices to reduce their environmental impact.


Support community efforts in promoting the conservation of natural resources.

Our people

Respect our people and provide an environment in which they can realise their potential, making us a first-choice employer.


Support the communities we serve, respect cultures, and enhance the overall quality of life.
Ensure our suppliers protect and respect their workers’ welfare.


The Cathay Pacific Group is committed to ensuring that its affairs are conducted in accordance with high ethical standards. This reflects our belief that, in the achievement of our long-term objectives, it is imperative to act with probity, transparency and accountability.

Our governance practices are described in detail in the Corporate Governance Report section of our Annual Report.

For more details, please visit Corporate Governance.