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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

We believe that having a diverse, inclusive Cathay family makes us a better company – for our people, and for you.

Diversity makes us better

More than 70 different nationalities are represented at Cathay, along with multiple generations, religious beliefs, gender and sexual identities, and those with different abilities.

From translating cultural and social nuances, to helping our passengers feel at home even when they’re high above the world, we want our Cathay family to be as diverse and inclusive as the communities we serve. And whether you fly, shop or work with us, we want to create a space where everyone belongs and can truly be themselves.

Having such a diverse Cathay family is a privilege. As part of our vision for a truly inclusive culture, we are committed to becoming a progressive world-leading employer by protecting and celebrating the people who make us who we are today.

Our goals for diversity and inclusion

Creating a safe environment where different experiences, opinions and backgrounds meet is our greatest priority. When everyone feels like they belong, they are inspired to be more innovative and creative, challenging the status quo – and resulting in a welcoming workplace where everyone shares in success.


That’s why we have set three major goals as part of our mission to become one of the world’s greatest service brands:

  • Build and sustain a culture that is inclusive of our diversity
  • Drive gender equality across Cathay
  • Become the airline of choice for our passengers, business partners and people, based on our strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What we pledge

Gender equity

We pledge to enable greater female representation in leadership and in underrepresented areas, and ensure that the gender barriers and biases are eliminated.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

We pledge to create an inclusive environment where our people are able to bring their full selves to work so that they can thrive without fear of discrimination or recrimination.

Different abilities

We pledge to increase accessibility of the workplace so people with different abilities (both visible and invisible) have equal opportunity to participate and succeed.


We pledge to create an age-neutral and multi-generational workplace.


We pledge to build a workplace where people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are respected and encouraged to collaborate and contribute to the company.

Our diversity and inclusion initiatives

Gender diversity in aviation

As a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and a signatory to its 25by2025Open a new window programme, we are committed to significantly improving gender equality across Cathay and the aviation industry.


We put our pledge into action by:

  • Reporting annually on key diversity metrics
  • Setting a goal to not have more than 65% of the same gender in senior positions (general manager and above) by 2025
  • Increasing female nominations from our airlines for IATA governance roles to a minimum of 25%


Gender Equity Network

We are proud to have women represented at every level at Cathay. However, we acknowledge more work can always be done to create a truly gender-equal company. In 2022, we integrated our Cathay Women’s Network and Male Allies Network and created a Gender Equity Network to advocate for the elimination of barriers and biases across our business, so that our colleagues of all genders have equal opportunities to reach their full potential.

From talent development programmes and workshops to networking events, the network aims to influence internal policy and create ongoing dialogue about gender diversity and equity.

Fly With Pride

Launched in 2018, Fly With Pride is the network for our LGBT+ employees and allies around the world. As both a social network and a support system, it aims to foster a culture of support, awareness, acceptance and celebration of the LGBT+ community at Cathay.

Fly With Pride also works to provide training on what it means to be an ally, aiming to improve organisational culture, influence company policy and encourage leadership commitment.

OneCathay: Intercultural

In 2023, we launched OneCathay: Intercultural, a network with the aim of building a workplace where people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are understood, respected, encouraged to collaborate, and able to learn from each other and grow together.

Through its three pillars, the network focuses on raising intercultural awareness, championing for more ethnically inclusive processes and policies, and engaging ethnically diverse communities to provide support and opportunities.


Ability2Fly provides resources and a community for everyone at Cathay with different abilities, including our colleagues who are caregivers for individuals with different abilities, and those who are ability allies.

Launched in 2023, the network is focused on building positive awareness and understanding of different abilities, promoting the inclusion of employees of all abilities, and partnering on the development of ability-inclusive policies and practices to ensure we become a workplace of choice.