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Boost your mental wellbeing during quarantine

Getting into the right headspace will help you stay cool, calm and collected.

Improve your environment

Make your hotel room feel more like home by customising your space: move the furniture around; display personal items like photos or inspirational quotes; play some ambient music and add a spritz of your favourite perfume. You could even get a small plant or fresh flowers delivered to brighten the place up.


Not all hotels have windows that open, but check with reception – sometimes they can provide a key so you can enjoy some fresh air. Another tactic is to redeem your Asia Miles for an air purifier or dehumidifier.


Also consider getting some cleaning supplies, or ask the hotel for a vacuum cleaner, so you can maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Practice mindfulness and meditation

Meditation is a fantastic way to ease stress and create a healthy peace of mind. Apps such as Headspace offer a range of guided meditations to help you focus your awareness, calm your nerves or drift off to sleep.


Focus on your breathing: 10 deep breaths will do wonders to resettle your mind, and scan your body to consciously release tension from your eyelids down to your toes.


Other mindfulness practices include repeating positive affirmations, writing in a journal to process thoughts and emotions, freeing your creativity with crafts or colouring, and gentle exercise to release mood-boosting endorphins.

Stay connected with your tribe

Loneliness has a huge strain on mental health, but thanks to the wonders of modern communication you can easily keep in touch with friends and family through daily chats or virtual coffee dates.


There are also plenty of online communities you can join. The HK Quarantine Facebook Support GroupOpen a new window is full of helpful tips, moral support and new friends. You might even connect with fellow hotel guests and enjoy that comforting sense of having neighbours.


If things get tough, try reaching out to an online therapist through platforms such as TalkspaceOpen a new window for professional support.

Give every day a purpose

Regular routines will help you feel more in control and stave off feelings of boredom or cabin fever. Start your day by drafting a list of things to achieve, and pencil in time for fun.


Keep your spirits up with things that make you feel good, whether that's watching your favourite sports team or a comedy podcast, and make sure to honour the weekend as you normally would, with extra treats and relaxation time.


Also create a countdown to purposefully check off each day and remind yourself that this is temporary.

Make sleep your sanctuary

A healthy sleep pattern is important. Foster a good night’s sleep by activating your devices’ blue-light filter in the evening and putting screens away an hour before bedtime.


Melatonin tablets, a cup of herbal tea, or a warm shower will also help you relax, while a cold room will trigger the body’s sleep instinct.


There's also a slew of sleep-aid apps. NoisliOpen a new window offers soothing white noise tracks to help you nod off, while CalmOpen a new window has a range of Sleep Stories. You can even track your sleep quality with Sleep CycleOpen a new window and get some pro napping tips.

If you order products from Asia Miles, please be sure to check the delivery time to ensure they will arrive before/during your quarantine stay.

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