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    Cathay Pacific
    How to purchase

    You can purchase prepaid extra baggage through the following channels up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time:

    • While purchasing your ticket on our website1
    • By logging into Manage Booking on our website# or the Cathay Pacific app
    • By contacting Customer Care#

    #Cathay members may pay with Miles Plus Cash

    • Prepaid extra baggage is available on selected routes marketed and operated by us only2
    • All flights in your booking must be marketed, operated and ticketed by us (ticket number beginning with 160)

    Prepaid extra baggage purchase is available for eligible bookings when you purchase tickets on our website1. You can also check if your booking is eligible by logging into Manage Booking or by contacting Customer Care.

    1Prepaid extra baggage purchases are not available for the following scenarios when you purchase tickets on our website. You may log into Manage Booking or contact Customer Care to check your eligibility and purchase prepaid extra baggage after purchasing your ticket.

    • Bookings on Economy Light fares (Alternatively, you may consider booking Economy Essential fares or Economy Flex fares, which offer two pieces of free baggage allowance.)
    • Bookings with four or more passengers
    • Multi-city or stopover bookings

    2Prepaid extra baggage is unavailable for certain scenarios, including but not limited to:

    • Journeys to/from India
    • Journeys to Manila (travels from 1 to 31 Dec only)
    • Multi-city or stopover bookings to/from the United States and Canada

    Prepaid extra baggage charges

    You can check your baggage allowance and the price of prepaid extra baggage while purchasing your ticket on our website or by logging into Manage Booking.

    Prepaid extra baggage will be charged:

    • Per piece
    • Up to a maximum of three extra pieces per passenger

    Visit our Baggage information page to find out more about your baggage allowance.

    Please note we will not accept baggage over 32kg/70lbs in weight or 203cm/80in long in total dimension without prior approval. Your baggage’s total dimension is the sum of its width, height and length.

    Items that exceed the accepted weight and/or size must be repacked into split-up units. Otherwise, they will not be accepted on the flight. To avoid disappointment, please contact Customer Care at least three working days before you fly if your baggage is oversized and/or overweight.

    Special arrangements can be made for sporting equipment, musical instruments, mobility aids and medical equipment. Our prepaid extra baggage service cannot be used to prepay charges for diplomatic bags.

    Visit our Extra baggage charges page to understand more about overweight and oversize baggage.

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