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    4 daily mindfulness habits for mind, body and soul
    Make these small changes to your life and embrace the art of being mindful
    Man sat in forest. Credit: Getty Images

    Mindfulness is a term which may conjure up abstract notions – but in truth, it’s simpler than you may think to make a positive change in your life. Little habits which take just a few minutes every day can help you feel more present in your day-to-day life, and more connected to both your body and the world around you. 

    Ready to start your mindfulness journey? Here are a few simple ways to kickstart your routine below.  

    Man in forest meditating. Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

    Yoga mat product shot

    1) Meditate

    It’s rare to get a moment nowadays where you can be completely still amid the chaos of urban life. Consciously making time to sit and meditate will help you allay the stresses of the outside world and mentally recharge, so that you’re ready to return to it in a calmer, more peaceful state of mind. 

    If you’re new to meditation practice, there’s a number of free guided meditation journeys you can listen to on audio streaming services, as well as apps such as Headspace and Aura. As you develop your meditation routine, it’s worth practicing in a quiet space where possible. Whether you’re sitting on a chair in the office or a yoga mat at home, get comfortable - and reap the benefits of a few peaceful moments. 

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    Woman holding glass of water. Credit: Getty images

    Credit: Getty images

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    2) Drink water

    While it might be odd to suggest drinking water as a mindfulness habit, regularly checking in with your body’s needs throughout the day is a great practice to adopt. Adults are recommended to drink between six to eight cups of water a day, and by doing this, you’ll keep your hydration levels just right. This will improve your overall quality of life, by helping normalise blood pressure, regulate body temperature and more. 

    Leave a pitcher and a glass on your office desk, or carry around a stylish bottle to make sure you always have water within reach.

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    Person writing in notebook. Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

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    3) Journal

    Take a step back to pause and reflect on your life: otherwise, it might just pass you by. Journaling is a great way to practice gratitude, by penning a few of the things you’re thankful for and plotting a path towards your future goals. During moments of strife or joy, it’s also worth taking a moment to read through your previous entries and remind yourself how far you’ve come. Whether you’re getting hands on with a bullet journal (a mindful productivity system) or using a thought-provoking mindfulness journal, there’s no wrong way to approach this - all you have to do is pick up a pen and start writing.

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    Woman working out. Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

    Woman picking up kettle bell. Credit: Getty Images

    Credit: Getty Images

    Hoka sneakers

    4) Work out

    Having a regular exercise regimen will help attune you to your body: its aches and pains, its strengths and weaknesses. Although some people find peace in an adrenaline-pumping high intensity workout, activities such as yoga, pilates and running are also great options for quieting your mind, regulating your breathing and focusing on the push and pull of your own muscles. Not only is working out great for your physical health, but the endorphins released through exercise will also help put you in a better mood. As you develop a routine, be sure to celebrate each milestone you’ve reached – no matter how big or small. 

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