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    Cathay Pacific
    Cathay Pacific enhances the First class experience with Bamford products
    Passengers in First class can enjoy new levels of luxury with healthier menus, new bedding and amenity kits featuring Bamford products
    Cathay Pacific First class experience

    Turning left instead of right when boarding an aircraft is like stepping into another world: a world of lie-flat seats, champagne on arrival and amenity kits filled with goodies. And that world just got even more enticing.

    Cathay Pacific has reimagined the premium inflight experience through a filter of wellness: think plush new bedding and pillows, enhanced dining options and brand new amenity kits.

    Underpinning this evolution is a new collaboration with Bamford . The premium British lifestyle brand, run by its founder Carole Bamford, has long been attuned to sustainability and nature, from the renowned Daylesford Organic Farm to luxurious clothing, skincare and homeware products.

    Enhanced dining options

    Bamford’s holistic approach to wellbeing was an inspiration for Cathay Pacific.  ‘We wanted to take a similar approach by finding ways to tie wellness into our overall hospitality product,’ says Bernard Mills, Cathay Pacific’s Head of Customer Experience – F&B and Hospitality.

    ‘Rather than thinking about an amenity kit as an amenity kit and a blanket as a blanket, we wanted to have a thread to link the elements together more, and the Bamford brand has allowed us to do that,’ says Mills.

    ‘In Bamford, we found a brand that was very much in tune with our values in terms of quality, care and sustainability,’ says Mills. ‘The enhancements we’ve made have created an experience that focuses on comfort, relaxation and sleep.’

    Bedding and turndown service

    So what exactly will First class passengers experience?

    Let’s start with the bedding and turndown service. This is where you’ll find some real ‘warp and weft’ magic, with soft 600 thread-count cotton sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. The turndown service comes with a choice of soft or firm pillows, plus a spray of Bamford’s bestselling Pillow Mist, infused with frankincense, lavender and marjoram to aid sleep. Bespoke JING teas complete the experience: the Soothe and Calm blends will aid digestion and encourage relaxation, respectively.


    Mills says: ‘We’ve worked with Bamford to elevate the bedding range. The new 600 thread-count cotton is one of the highest in the sky, and the cotton is sustainably sourced. We listened to our customers and we have introduced a range of brand-new pillows.’

    The amenity kits, meanwhile, have been revamped with a premium case and contain glass-bottled Bamford products. Women’s kits feature a four-stage moisturising and skincare range curated by Bamford to combat the effects of flying, while men will receive products from the Bamford Grooming Department sub-brand, including a facial mist.

    ‘The aim was to design something that customers would want to take away with them,’ says Mills. ‘So we were really thinking about a bag that was practical and functional, but also stylish. The larger format glass bottles mean customers can use the products for up to a week.’

    Aside from the Bamford partnership, the dining experience has also been upgraded, with stylish new china, cutlery and glassware, and a menu that offers more wellness-friendly options with selected dishes that can be customised as lighter options. This means you could opt for a chicken breast with your appetiser salad, or switch the indulgent creamed celeriac with caper butter accompanying your sea bass to niçoise-style vegetables.

    The breakfast service also features an extended menu with lighter options including a superfood breakfast bowl with nuts and seeds. ‘We have created a healthy, wellness path through the menus,’ explains Mills.

    Cathay Pacific dining experience

    And it’s not just First class cabins that will be enjoying the new upgrades – passengers in Business class are also experiencing the Bamford touch. Pillows are larger, mattresses have been introduced and there are new 400 thread-count cotton pillow cases and duvet covers, which have been sustainably sourced and are delivered in re-usable bags to help the airline remove millions of plastic bags from the equation each year. Passengers on regional flights will also enjoy an improved day blanket and pillow. 

    The introduction of slippers is another notable improvement for Business class passengers, while new Bamford amenity kits that will be progressively introduced from December feature larger-sized skincare products made from 40 per cent recycled plastics, which passengers can continue to use for the rest of their journey.


    A choice of appetisers is now offered as part of the Business class dining experience, while the meal service continues to be enhanced with ordering devices to support the Cabin Crew.

    The holistic partnership with Bamford, combined with new onboard service experiences, has managed to elevate the premium travel experience to new heights. Mills says: ‘What really resonated with Bamford was the alignment between our brand values and design execution – we thought about things in the same way, so we have found a really good partner.’

    New product highlights

    Amenity kits

    Stylish kits for men and women featuring Bamford skincare and beauty products, packed in glass bottles to take home and keep.


    Customisable menu items with improved wellness options, and
    rice cooked on board. The improved breakfast menu includes a superfood energy bowl and/or eggs cooked onboard to your preference, served with new glassware and crockery.


    New 600 thread-count bedding, a choice of pillows and a new turndown service with relaxing teas and a soothing pillow mist.

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