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Submitting an Offer

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1. Does it cost anything to make an upgrade offer?

2. Is there a minimum amount I must offer for an upgrade?

3. How do I know what price to offer for an upgrade? Is there a specific amount that I should offer to be considered?

4. Are there any additional taxes and fuel surcharges to pay on top of the upgrade amount?

5. Do I need to pay anything up front to submit an upgrade offer?

6. Can I submit different offer amounts for each flight sector of my journey?

7. Does the time an offer is made affect the likelihood of its success?

8. I have received a Cathay Pacific Enhance email informing me that my flight is eligible for an upgrade. I do not wish to make an offer, but rather use my miles for the upgrade instead. Is this possible?

9. I received an email inviting me to make an offer to upgrade. What do I do next?

10. I received an email inviting me to make an offer to upgrade or log in at the Enhance Welcome Page and found that the reservations details hadn’t been updated. What should I do? Can I still make an offer?

11. I deleted my invite email, but want to make an offer. What should I do?

12. How many days do I have to submit my offer?

13. I forgot to make my offer before the offer window closed. Is there any way I can still submit an offer?

14. If I didn't receive an invitation email, can I still make an offer?

15. If there are multiple passengers on my bookings, do I have to make an offer for all passengers?

16. I am travelling with someone on the same booking who does not want to upgrade. Can I make an offer to be upgraded separately?

17. Is it possible to increase/decrease my offer after I’ve made it?

18. What forms of payment are accepted for offers?

19. When will my credit card be charged?

20. Can I use my Asia Miles to make an offer through Enhance?

21. What criteria determine the success of an offer?