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1. How do I redeem inflight duty-free merchandise on Cathay Pacific?

2. Do I need to register for Duty-Free Preflight Order Service?

3. What can I do if I have insufficient miles to redeem an award?

4. How do I know if my redemption order has been accepted or not?

5. When will the Asia Miles required for redemption be deducted from my account?

6. Why do I need to submit my travel document details when placing a redemption order?

7. I have changed my itinerary. Will it be reflected in my redemption order?

8. How can I amend my flight schedule on the Duty-Free Preflight Order Service website?

9. How do I collect my redeemed items inflight?

10. Although my redemption order was confirmed, I was still unable to collect the goods inflight . Why?

11. Can I earn Asia Miles on redemption awards?

12. Can I get a refund for an award I didn’t like?

13. What is the maximum length of time I can wait before picking up my redemption order?

14. Can I use my Asia Miles to redeem inflight duty-free items during a flight?

15. I was placed on another flight by airport staff and my redemption order was not transferred. How do I collect my redeemed products?

16. What if the product I redeemed was damaged?

17. Is it possible for a redemption group member to collect my redemption order?