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1. What flights are available for Online Booking?

2. How many tickets can I book online?

3. Can I still make reservations if I already have a ticket?

4. I have purchased a Cathay Pacific ticket from a travel agent. Can I review the booking online?

5. Can I select seats on your seat map if I am flying on a codeshare flight?

6. Can I waitlist a flight online?

7. Will I see a confirmation page after I have just made a booking online?

8. What is the definition of an infant ticket and how do I book one if departing from Hong Kong?

9. Can I reserve a bassinet seat during the booking process?

10. If I want to purchase a seat for my baby under 2 years old, how can I do it on the web?

11. Can we book an online ticket and arrange service for unaccompanied minors (UM)?

12. How many infant tickets can be booked online with an adult ?

13. How can I select a specific fare class code for mileage accrual eligibility or upgradeable with Asia Miles?

14. What is fare family? Is it available for all destinations?

15. On the 'Select Fare' page in the flexible date flow, how can I book the flights in the grey-out sections?