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1. What is Passbook?

2. How can I get Passbook?

3. How can I add mobile boarding passes in Passbook?

4. How can I use Passbook to board flights?

5. What if any changes such as seat, upgrade, gate, flight time changes after adding boarding pass into Passbook?

6. Are there any alternatives if I am not an iPhone or iPod touch user with the supporting iOS?

7. Can I display all Passbook Boarding Passes for my travel companions on one mobile device at Immigration, Security and Boarding gate if any of them are not equipped with any mobile devices?

8. Is Passbook applicable to iPad or other smartphone devices such as Android?

9. Can I use one Pass in Passbook to board multiple flights in my booking?

10. Will my Passbook boarding pass be automatically deleted after I travelled?

11. What if I haven’t stored the boarding pass in Passbook after I clicked the ‘Add to Passbook’ badge?