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What should I do to check in via my mobile device?

Simply follow the steps below for checking in on a mobile device

Open your web browser on an Internet-enabled mobile device and type m.cathaypacific.com or m.dragonair.com. Select and click on "Check-In" link.
Marco Polo Club / Asia Miles members can log in under "Personal Itinerary" section to check in
Step 1: Retrieve flight details: Members can enter membership number and password to log in Mobile Check-In. Non-members can enter their name, flight number and departure date in order to retrieve their flight details
Step 2: Select seat for yourself and your travel companions
Step 3: Enter your travel document details as required by Immigration Authorities and your contact information
Step 4: Confirm and send your Mobile Boarding Pass

You can send your Mobile Boarding Pass to your mobile device via SMS or email