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1. Can I change my tickets booked online?

2. Can I change the booking online if I have purchased my ticket via a travel agent or Cathay Pacific reservations office?

3. Can I change my flight online if my flight booking has connection flights with other carriers?

4. Can I change the dates and/or flights for some passengers only if my flight booking contains a group of passengers under one reservation record?

5. Can I change booking online if I have done Online Check-In?

6. How do I make date and time changes to my flight bookings?

7. Why can I not find a “Change Booking” button in my flight booking details at Manage Booking?

8. Can I make a seat request when I change my flight booking online?

9. Can I make a meal request when I change my flight booking online?

10. Can I make date or time changes and pay for flight bookings for another person?

11. Do I have to pay with the same credit card on which the original ticket was charged for any additional payment on the changes of the flight booking?

12. How do I know that I have completed the date or time change successfully?

13. Why have I not received my e-ticket receipt?

14. How do I get a refund from the residual values of my original flight bookings?

15. How long would it take to get the refund if I cancel my fully unused or partially used ticket?

16. How long does it take for the refund for booking changes made online?

17. Within what range of time can I cancel a reservation without a penalty?

18. Whom do I contact when I have problems on changing the flight booking?