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Бронирование Cathay Pacific
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Последний раз обновлено: 15 Jun 2018 11:15 HKT (GMT+8)

Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon tickets issued or re-issued* for travel originating outside of Hong Kong on/after 15 September 2016 will have a fuel surcharge applied. The surcharge will apply per flight sector, including children and infant fares. No fuel surcharges apply for travel itineraries originating in Hong Kong.

  • The fuel surcharges will be adjusted in accordance with fuel prices on a monthly basis.
  • Fuel surcharges will be calculated in US dollars, with the exception of tickets purchased in Hong Kong, Canada, and New Zealand, where fuel surcharges will be collected in the local currency. See below for details.
  • Surcharges for tickets purchased in Korea vary depending on itinerary. See below for details.
  • No fuel surcharges apply for ground transportation between Bahrain (BAH) and Dammam, Saudi Arabia (DMM).
  • Tickets purchased in the Philippines for itineraries originated in the Philippines are not subject to this surcharge.
  • Codeshare flights are also subject to respective fuel surcharges; codeshare trains with SNCF (ground transportation in France) do not incur the fuel surcharge.


Flights to Hong Kong region from: South West Pacific, North America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South Asia:
Tickets purchased in: Hong Kong region Canada New Zealand Japan Others
Until 31 May 2018 HKD516 CAD82 NZD91 JPY7300 USD66.2
From 01 Jun 2018 HKD584 CAD95.1 NZD107 JPY7300 USD74.9


Flights not mentioned above, including flights between New York and Vancouver:
Tickets purchased in: Canada New Zealand Hong Kong region Mainland China Japan Others
Sectors between Mainland China and
Hong Kong region
Sectors outside Mainland China Sectors between Japan and
Hong Kong /
Taiwan region
Sectors outside Japan
Until 31 May 2018 CAD18.4 NZD20 HKD116 USD9 USD14.9 JPY2000 JPY1700 USD14.9
From 01 Jun 2018 CAD21.3 NZD24 HKD131 USD11.5 USD16.8 JPY2000 JPY1700 USD16.8


*Tickets re-issued under these conditions:

  • Change of any sector
  • Change of routing
  • Change of routing, due to other carrier’s flight schedule change or cancellation