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Информация об аэропорте

Стойка регистрации

Terminal 2

Opening hours
3 hours prior to scheduled departure time

(Counters are closed punctually 60 minutes prior to scheduled departure time)

Passengers must enter the security check point of London Heathrow Terminal 2 at least 30 minutes before the flight departure time

Passengers departing from London Heathrow airport are required to enter the security check point at least 30 minutes before the flight departure time. Passengers who enter the security check point less than 30 minutes before the flight departure time will not be allowed to proceed and will be asked to return to check-in counters by the Airport Security staff for alternative travel arrangements.

Transfer desk
Passengers connecting to Cathay Pacific flights at London Heathrow should proceed to the departure gate as soon as possible after arriving in Terminal 2. The gate will open for travel document checks 75 minutes prior to departure time.

Залы ожидания Зал ожидания Cathay Pacific [Временно закрыто до получения дальнейших указаний]
Информация по таможне

Quantity allowed when arriving from EU countries appears in brackets:

Tobacco Products: 200 (800) cigarettes or 100 (400) cigarillos or 50 (200) cigars or 250g (1kg) tobacco

Alcoholic Beverages: 1 (10) litre of spirits over 22% proof or 2 (20) litres of fortified wine or 2 (90) litres of still table wine (only 60 litres of this can be sparkling wine) plus 3 (110) litres of beer

Others: 60ml perfume and 250ml eau-de-toilette. Gifts and souvenirs up to the value of GBP300.00.