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Offset your carbon emissions

If you’re looking to offset your flights, you can use our online calculator to work out your share of the carbon emissions. This number is calculated by dividing the total fuel used on a journey by the number of passengers. To learn more about our calculation method, please visit on our Fly Greener FAQs page.

You can also choose to make a one-off contribution, using either cash or your Asia Miles. To do so, simply select ‘Lump sum contribution’ below.

Calculate your carbon emissions

Calculation results
Your total
CO2 emissions
Equivalent cash
Asia Miles
    To get started, please add a flight and calculate your carbon emissions.

    Offset your carbon emissions

    Contributions can be made via credit card (Hong Kong dollars), e-payment methods or Asia Miles redemption.
    Choose your contribution method
    Pay by credit card / WeChat / Alipay / e-payment methods
    Redeem Asia Miles
    To proceed, please tick the checkbox to give your consent.

    Make a one-off contribution

    Cash contributions can be made in the range of HKD10 to HKD999,999. Please round off your donation to the nearest dollar.

    Alternatively, you can contribute Asia Miles within the redemption range of 100 to 999,999 miles.

    Choose your contribution method
    Contribution options
    Contribution amount

    To proceed, please tick the checkbox to give your consent.